December 14, 2017

2 Tips On Feeding Miniature Dog Breeds

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Although miniature dog breeds are so adorably cute, you have to remember that what they may lack in carriage, they overcompensate with personality. And a huge ego plus a very compliant owner can doggy care a real problem. Aside from grooming, obedience and house training issues, feeding miniature dog breeds can also be a pain. However, professional dog trainers say that this issue could be avoided altogether – or at the very least, circumvented to make a harmonious accord with pet and pet owner. All it would take is a bit of discipline… on the part of the owner. So if you have a miniature doggy pet nipping at your heels, here are tips on how you can make feeding time a breeze.

1. Feed a little but feed often. Here’s the thing: your miniature pet also has a miniature stomach, so feeding it a large volume of food in one meal can actually make it sick. But because your pet can be an energy bursting dynamo, it tends to use up a lot of calories as well. So feeding your pet as much as four times a day is acceptable, but you need to limit its portions and space its meal times to 3 to 4 hours apart.

2. Never deviate from the assigned meal time. Giving your pet scraps of food whenever you feel like it can have dire consequences. For starters, this upsets the dog’s eating pattern. Secondly, you are actually encouraging your pet to become overweight or even obese. And lastly, the dog will learn to manipulate you into giving it food whenever. The more you give in, the more obnoxious your little pet can become as it grows older.

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