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Airline Approved Pet Carriers

Airline approved pet carriers can help make traveling with your dog less stressful. Most airlines require pet owners to meet several criteria when they wish to fly with their animal, so you want to be certain of what the airline requires for a pet carrier ahead of time. It could ruin your vacation plans if you have to take your pet back home from the airport simply because their pet carrier is not the right kind, so you want to always make sure to travel with an airline approved carrier.

There are two methods of transporting a pet by air, and the method you choose is largely dependent on the animal's size. Large animals aren't allowed in the passenger area, so you will check them to be stored in the cargo area. For this purpose, your carrier will need to be of the oversized airline-approved variety. Your name, address, and final destination will be recorded before your pet is allowed to check in. The carrier will be tagged with the information, just in case your flight and your animal get separated.

If your dog is small, you can actually bring him on board as a piece of carry-on luggage. As long as your carrier is satisfactory under airline rules, you should be able to do this. Carry-on dimensions for pet carriers must meet airline requirements for carry on size. A pet carrier should be stored under the seat in front of you instead of the overhead storage bins. This way, your pet can relax, knowing that you are nearby.

When shopping for a pet carrier, keep in mind that your furry friend must fit comfortably inside. There must be enough space for the animal to lie down as well as turn around. All airline approved pet carriers have these criteria. If your carrier fails to meet these standards, your dog will not be allowed on the flight.

We all know how much more convenient it is to travel with luggage that is easy to maneuver. This means that when shopping for a pet carrier, you should make note of which ones have wheels for easy transport. This applies to any carrier, no matter what the size of the dog is. A wheeled carrier will be more comfortable for your pet and easier on your back too!

You love your pet like family, so why would you settle for any method of travel less safe than airline approved pet carriers? Your pet needs a carrier that gives him leeway to move and rest, so try to find one that satisfies your pet's requirements and those of your airline. This way you can rest assured that they will be completely snug and safe in their carrier while en route.

Here are some pet carriers that are already airline approved:


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