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The Friendly American Eskimo

american eskimo
An American Eskimo puppy has got to be one of the cutest and fluffiest of all the dog breeds and it's no wonder as it is part of the Nordic breeds and is one of the Spitz families. It is very closely related to the white German Spitz which were brought into America and its name was then changed to the American Eskimo dog. This was because of the widespread anti German feelings that were felt in America because of World War I. Although today they are known as a separate breed they are still closely related to the German Spitz. There is evidence to suggest that the “White Spitz” was brought into America by German Settlers. Then in 1969 the North American Eskimo Dog Association was formed and the studbook was closed. Then the American Eskimo Dog Club of America was formed in 1985 in order to gain AKC recognition.

Breed Specifics
The American Eskimo Dog is part of the AKC Non Sporting Group and was admitted to the AKC on the 1st July 1995. There are three sizes of this breed the Toy, the Miniature and the Standard.
Height: Toy – 9-12 inches
Miniature – 12+ – 15 inches
Standard – 15+ - 19 inches
Weight: Toy – 6-10 pounds
Miniature – 10-20 pounds
Standard – 18-35 pounds
Longevity: They live for about 15 years or more.

The American Eskimo Dog is a small to medium size Nordic type dog and is compactly built as well as being well balanced. It has good substance as well as being an alert dog and comes with a smooth gait when it moves. The face of the American Eskimo Dog comes with erect triangular shaped ears as well as having distinctive black points (around the lips, nose and eye rims). It has a double coat which consists of a short dense undercoat and a longer guard hair growing through this forming the dog’s outer coat. It should be straight with no curl or waves to it. The coat is thicker and longer around the neck and its chest which forms a lion like ruff and this is more noticeable on the dogs than on the bitches. Also both the rump and hind legs down to its hocks are covered with thicker longer hair form which forms the characteristic breeches look to the animal. The tail of this breed is richly plumed and should be carried loosely on its back.
Color: Pure white although white with biscuit cream is permissible.

The American Eskimo puppy is an intelligent, alert and friendly breed although they can be slightly conservative. This dog should never be overly shy or aggressive and such dogs would be severely penalized when being shown. It would make an excellent watchdog for the home and sounds a warning bark to announce the arrival of any one to the property. They are both protective of their owners, family and home, but it will not threaten to bite or attack people. Not only is it able to learn new tasks quickly it is eager to please those that own one.

Health Issues
It is a fairly healthy breed although owners should pay close attention to their eyes and tear ducts. This breed is also prone to hip displaysia and progressive retinal atrophy. Its coat should be kept clean and free of fleas as this can cause dermatitis. It is a breed that will gain weight easily if it is not provided with enough exercise.

Although this breed can cope with living in an apartment it is a very active animal indoors and so would be better suited to a home with a small yard. However, if living in an apartment as long as it is exercised every day (taken to the local park), then it will cope well with this type of living arrangement.

The American Eskimo puppy has a fluffy coat and when he is grown it should be done twice a week with a brush that has firm bristles. However, when it is shedding it should be brushed on a daily basis. The breed of dog is known for being an average shedder.

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