December 13, 2017

Any Dog Day Care Reccomendations In Washington State?

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I am looking for a doggie day care facility located in one of the following places: Tacoma, Seattle, Monroe, Snohomish, Everett, Lynwood. I want somewhere to take my dogs while I’m at work where they can run around and socialize with other dogs. And I need flexible hours. Thank you.

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  1. Christina C says:

    Im east of you by 6hrs lol but. Look in your local phone book i know there are alot out in that area and depending on what company you work for they may have one already set up.
    Once you find a few you think you like interview them and ask for refrences that you can contact and interview them.
    See if the company has any experiance handeling the type of dog that you own also. you may have an easier time finding one in the seattle / lynwood area. IF i can get ahold of my sis i will ask her as well and update the post.

  2. Laynnie says:

    This one is tough to answer actually. My girlfriend has been working in the doggy daycare world for a long time. She worked at a few of them in Connecticut before moving out here and found WA state doggy daycares to be awful. One place in Bothell puts bleach in the water. Other places just pen the dogs up all day and let them out to excersize for a half hour. I reccomend going aroudn to a few that you choose that sound the best and ask questions about excersize, nutrition, training programs if any, and how long the staff have worked there, how well they know animals, etc. because a lot of the places in this area aren’t that great from what we’ve discovered. - Dogs