December 14, 2017

At What Age Should Dogs Start Eating Dog Food & Stop W/the Puppy Food?

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I’ve read the back of dog food bags & it mostly depends on the weight of the dog. But I’ve heard different things some say 2 years others say 1 year. I heard on the news after 6 months because the puppy food makes them gain a lot of weight. Who is correct? Thanks!

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  1. China says:

    I would say 6mo to 1 year for a small breed such as a chi, pom, etc. But 1 to 2years for a large breed because they continue to grow longer. Large breeds still grow for 2+ years. While small breeds are fully grown by 1year.

  2. `*•.(`*•.? Brandy ?.•*´).•*` says:

    For most dogs you should stop giving puppy food around a year old, this is because most dogs are done growing by the time they are a year or at least their heavy growing. I believe in smaller breeds that you stop a little earlier though, because they stop growing earlier. Large and extra large breeds however, I don’t think you ever give them puppy food if I remember right. There’s something in puppy food that isn’t good for the rapid and large growth of Great Danes, Mastiffs, and Irish Wolfhounds.

  3. Aluka says:

    It depends on the dog breed if its a large breed dog you should stop at around 6 months because puppy food will make them grow too fast and will lead to joint problems. small breed dogs should be taken off of it by 1 year. I own two saint bernards and am a member of saint bernard club of america.

  4. kris b says:

    Typically you start feeding adult food at 1 year of age, some small breed dogs that reach maturity faster can switch earlier around 10-11 months if you like.

  5. b_olson says:

    I always keep my dogs on the puppy formula til at least 1 year of age,helps them grow better and have a good immune system.

  6. Help says:

    Definitely read the bags/cans of dog food. They are usually pretty specific on the packaging.

  7. reeniead says:

    It usually says on the bag. Puppy food up to a year. I say after a year, feed them adult food.

  8. Elysse says:

    6 months to 1 year.
    Hope this helps

  9. markus n says:

    My dog ate dog food after 6 or 8 mos. She’s the one on the left.

  10. Troll Police Dogs says:

    About 1 year,

  11. Cheyene B says:

    Between 8 months-1 year. - Dogs