December 14, 2017

Australian Labradoodle Dogs Make Great Pets for Those with Allergies

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You can’t go wrong by choosing an Australian labradoodle dog as a pet. A service animal breeder in Australia knew that many people who needed service dogs couldn’t get them because they were highly allergic to animals. The breeders do try to work magic with genetics to get an animal that is non-shedding even though no one can guarantee that you dog will be hypallergenic. This means that the dog has hair, not fur. The wonderful traits of the labrador retriever are combined with the traits of the poodle dog to make the Australian labradoodle. Everyone knows the great friendly, playful qualities of the labrador retrievers. Poodles have a beautiful shiny coat of hair and are also known as very smart dogs. The Australian labradoodle has four different types of hair (or fleece):

  1. There is the Normal fleece which (spiraling coat or softer wavy) is a non-shedding coat and will need to be combed/brushed thoroughly about every two-three weeks. This coat usually requires trimming only a couple of times a year.
  2. Then there is the Hair/Hair combo (dog hair that is either feathering, scruffy or wavy but flat) and will need a quick brushing/combing once a month depending on the density and length of the coat because it is a shedding coat. A little trim here and there might be required with scissors, but usually not.
  3. There is also the Micro-fine fleece (super soft and fine) which is a non-shedding coat if kept well groomed. Because this coat is finer and softer, if it gets mats that aren’t brushed out regularly, eventually some of the mats will ball up and come out of the coat, or have to be cut out. It is recommended to thoroughly comb/brush this coat about once a week and don’t let the coat length get past about three inches in length with trimming two-three times a year.
  4. There is also the Wool fleece (dense curly coat) is a non-shedding coat and will need to be brushed/combed thoroughly about once a week. This coat also requires trimming about three times a year.

The Australian labradoodle dog is easy to groom and make a wonderful family pet.

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