January 17, 2018

Presidential Pets

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by Camila Bilson

Now that President Barack Obama has taken the oath and will now the call the White House his home, 10′s of Americans are wondering; will Barack fight off the presidential freshman 15 with some very health-friendly Dog Yoga exercises? President Obama has yet to indicate whether or not he will make Doga a regular part of his daily routine in the same way the last Democrat to hold office made morning jogs a regular part of his day. But knowing that President Obama is a dog lover, maybe it is not too unlikely to see him with his dog in the “downward dog” pose.

Because President Barack Obama has been pictured with a dog or two and stated during his acceptance speech that the Obamas will be bringing a dog to 1600 Pennsilvania Ave, perhaps it is not totally farfetched to believe President Oabama may enjoy some Doga exercises between performing his Presidential duties!

Many news-making pets have been able to call the White House their home over the past few administrations. President Clinton introduced his family’s cat to the world; “Socks”. President George Bush showed the world his dog loving side when he made his dog “Millie” famous. President George W. Bush also showed his fondness for dogs when he put his dog “Barney” on the map. Who will President Obama bring to the White House? Will Doga be appropriate?

After wining the Presidential election, Barack Obama took a moment to address his daughters while also addressing the nation, he said; “You have earned that puppy that is coming with us” His 10 year old daughter Malia has expressed interest in making a “Goldendoodle” their family pet, a hybrid of a golden retriever and traditional poodle.

Over the many years the White House has served as the President’s home, many other pets besides Socks, Millie and Barney were able to also call the White House their home; and oddly enough, not all the pets were the typical dog or cat! President William Henry called a cow his pet while in the Presidential office, as did Rutherford B. Hayes. Teddy Roosevelt brought a long with him a small zoo, including 5 bears. But remember Doga is only for dogs, not bears!

James Buchanan called an elephant his pet during his Presidential tenure! Good thing Malia, President Obama’s daughter did not hear about a pet elephant in the White House, a puppy may lose some of its appeal when compared to an elephant!

While most presidents are not known as being yoga enthusiasts, maybe they should be! Yoga has shown to be very useful in the reduction of stress and moreover, playing with dogs has also shown to be useful in reducing stress. Doga can often be the perfect answer for anyone looking to reduce stress and stay in shape, Presidential or otherwise!

The Amy Stevens’ Yoga4Dogs DVD is a great way to spend some time with your dog while enjoying a fun and stress-relieving workout in the comfort of your own home! Doga is perfect for all sizes and breeds of dogs. Doga is perfect for every kind of person; Presidents, architects, chefs, stay-at-home moms, plumbersanyone!

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