January 17, 2018

Dog Door Security Should be Priority

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by Craig T Lewis

There have been a lot of pet owners over the years who have agonized over whether or not they should choose to get a dog door installed in their home. On one hand it would give the dog unlimited access to the house and the yard so that you wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they have to go to the bathroom during those long hours when you have to be at work, and they could get out into the open air and get exercise if they need it. However, on the other hand it poses a problem as a traditional dog door can be breached by any animal that is in the area, including stray dogs, cats, and even possibly raccoons. If the dog door is big enough, you might even be giving a burglar access to your home unwittingly. These are all factors that people consider when they look at getting a dog door.

One thing that you can do to allow yourself to still have access to the dog door while at the same time making sure that your home is as secure as possible, is to invest in a locking dog door. These types of doors do not open for any animal or person that may push on them and can cut back on any security concerns you may have about installing a dog door. The secret to the locking dog door system is the way in which the opening to the outside is activated. There are two different types of locking dog doors on the market and although they use different unlocking mechanisms, they are still the same basic concept.

Magnetic dog doors can only be opened when a very strong magnet that is found on the dog’s collar comes within a certain distance from the door and activates it to release. These types of doors do prevent any other animals from either entering or exiting the house, but some people have had concerns over having a high powered magnet on their dog’s collar. While this does not have any harmful side effects to the dogs, it is a drawback for some pet owners to consider.

Locking dog doors rely instead on an infrared sensor that is mounted on the dog’s collar, much like the magnet. The door is triggered to release when this sensor passes in front of the door and it opens up. Pet owners who are worried about their dogs wearing magnets on their collars usually opt for this choice instead.

Whatever option that you choose, it is important that you go with a dog door that has some form of security so that your home is protected. Thanks to the locking dog doors that are on the market, you can have the convenience of allowing your dog to go in and out of the house when they need to, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of your home’s safety. Even though locking dog doors can cost more than the traditional dog doors, in the end they are well worth the investment for the safety and peace of mind that they offer.

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