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This energetic dog fastidiously cleans itself! This breed which is thought to have originated in Egypt over 5000 years ago has many unusual traits. Aside from grooming itself like a cat, the basenji does not bark but rather yodels, howls, or crows. Perfect for people with allergies, this dog has no “doggy” smell and sheds very little.

Breed Specifics
The basenji is a shorthaired dog with straight ears, long legs and a curly tail. One of it’s distinctive features is that it’s forehead wrinkles which makes him look perpetually worried! This muscular dog is very athletic and runs with a gait similar to a horse.
Height: 16-17 inches (males), 15-16 inches (females)
Weight: 22-26 pounds (males), 20-25 pounds (females)
Longevity: 10 - 12 years

This lean athletic dog has a flat back, long legs and straight open ears. The skull is flat with small almond shaped eyes. His tail is set high and curls over his back on one side.
Colors: brindle, copper, red, black and tan and may have white markings on the chest, tip of tail, and sometimes legs and facial blaze.

The Basenji is curious and alert as well as affectionate. Full of energy, this dog will need to be exercised plenty. The Basenji is very intelligent and easy to train - a good candidate for agility training as well. He will be loyal to his family but may be shy of strangers. Not usually good with other pets especially ferrets, mice, rats, rabbits and hamsters. The Basenji likes to chew and is very agile and able to climb fences if he really wants to see what is on the other side. Typically a good pet, problems can arise if you do not spend enough time at play with your Basenji.

Health Issues
The breed can be prone to Kidney problems and may have intestinal and eye problems as well.

This breed does need a lot of exercise but can be a good apartment dog provided you take him out a lot. He can be active inside and a yard of some type is recommended. Daily exercise is a must with this breed.

Grooming The Basenji is probably the easiest dog to groom as it grooms itself like a cat. The breed has no dog odor and sheds very little if at all.

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