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The Sweet Basset Hound

basset hound
The Basset Hound name comes from the French word “bas” which means low. It is suggested in some sources that this breed may have originated from genetic dwarf dogs that were presented in litters of other types of French hunting hounds. However it is an old breed and is descended directly from the Bloodhound. The breed was first shown in 1863 at the Paris Dog show and its popularity soon spread to England. A lively dispute then ensued as some breeders wanted it to be kept as an hunting dog whilst others wanted to turn it into a companion dog. However, in America breeders were developing an extremely pleasing companion dog that was not losing any of its hunting qualities. They will either hunt in packs or alone and because of their slow pace are ideal for those who are hunting on foot. The first Basset Hound was exhibited at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 1884 and in 1935 the national Parent Club, the Basset Hound Club of America was created.

Breed Specifics
This Bassett Hound is part of the Hound and was formerly recognized by the AKC in 1885.
Height: Dogs – 12-15 inches
Bitches – 11-14 inches
Weight: Dogs – 50-65 pounds
Bitches – 45-60 pounds
Longevity: They live for between 10 to 12 years.

The Bassett Hound is equipped to be able to follow a trail over and through difficult terrain. It is short legged but heavier in bone then any other breed of dog. Although its movements are deliberate they are in no way clumsy as many people think they are when they see them. The head will be large and well proportioned and the chest will be deep and full. Both the breeds shoulders and elbows will be set close against the sides of its chest. It should have a long, smooth and well extended back and its hindquarters should be very full and well rounded. The tail should not have been docked and is set in continuation of its spine but with a slight curve to it and this should be carried gaily in normal hound fashion.
Color: Any recognized hound color is acceptable. Also the distribution of the color and markings is of no importance when being shown.

This is a sweet, gentle, devoted, peaceful and naturally well behaved breed. They will suit family life well and their temperament should always be friendly and there should never be any hint of sharpness or viciousness. Although mild animals they are not timid. Is very affectionate towards their owners and friendly with children but can also be a bit stubborn as well. This breed has a deep musical bark and with the correct training they can be very obedient, but if they happen to pick up an interesting smell then you may find it difficult to get their attention.

Health Issues
It is important that you do not overfeed these dogs as any extra weight can place too much load on to their legs or spine. They may suffer from lameness and in some cases may suffer from paralysis because of their short legs and heavy long body. As they are prone to bloating it is important that you only feed them with 2 to 3 small meals each day.

They can live happily in an apartment and are not very inactive indoors but when outside they will run and play for hours. But if you can provide them with a small yard where then have plenty of opportunities for running around and playing in order to keep them healthy and trim.

The Bassett Hound has a smooth short haired coat which is easy to groom. You should comb and brush them with a firm bristle brush and they only need to be shampooed when it is necessary. However the ears should be wiped underneath each week and their toenails regularly trimmed. Unfortunately if you are allergic to animal hair then this breed is not for you as they are constantly shedding.

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