December 14, 2017

Best Dog Life Jacket

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Maria asks…

What is the best dog life jacket?

I have seen and used human life jackets and they look both very sturdy and very trustworthy. I want something that should my dog, welsh corgi, stop swimming all together, she will float on the water. I don’t want something that just helps her stay afloat WHILE she swims. I have seen both the Outward Hound, by Kyjen, jackets and the ones by Ruffwear and want to know if there are any other I can look at.
Would those that I mentioned be any good or am I just worrying about something I shouldn’t? I never have gotten one for a dog so I don’t know if it should be as thickly padded as most human jackets are or it’s enough with what they come.

admin answers:

Ask your vets they will perhaps be able to measure your dog and might even get one specially made for your dog, that would be the most sensible idea.

I hope this has helped.

Good luck.

James asks…

Cat flotation device? Small dog life jacket preserver?

I want to buy a life preserver for a cat, any ideas which brands fit cats best? I want something durable, thanks!
Jeff, dont worry, its not to torture them! I love my kitties and its part of an emergency kit for disasters.

admin answers:

I found these:

I know the first one has pictures of dogs but the one on the little dog at the bottom would probably be about the right size for a cat.

P.S. You’ll probably get alot of flack for this about cats not liking water (like the above answer) but don’t worry, I know some cats DO like water so don’t worry about the negative comments :)

Susan asks…

I want to buy a life jacket for my shih tzu.?

What is the best brand of life jacket for small dogs?

I was looking into paws aboard brand.

I’d like to get one from petco or similar so it’s easily returnable.

uhm… obviously I would want to be able to return it if it didn’t fit. MORON. lol. God, some people are really stupid.

admin answers:

I prefer the outward hound design.
I think it is the most practical, comfortable, and easiest to use.
I have other brands that I finally just gave away to a kennel I used to work for that does hydrotherapy because I got all outward hound ones.

PetSmart sells Outward Hound.

I googled Paws Aboard and they use the same style as Outward Hound, I would buy it.

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