December 13, 2017

Best Dog Life Jacket

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Michael asks…

What all does a dog need?! HELP! Thanks!?

What all does a Chihuahua need? What kind of cage(how big, what its made of, what should be in it), toys(what kinds of bones, balls, stuffed animals), bed(big or small), bowls(big or small, what its made out of), clothes(what are the best coats and sweaters for small dogs, does it need a dog life jacket if it swims), leash(regular or expendable, how long), collar(what kind and what all can go on it like license etc), and etc? Tell me everything I need for the dog! Thanks!

admin answers:

Well a medium sized cage {plastic} would be good bones aren’t good for small dogs they can choke! Toys that don’t have any lose parts but you can go on and search chihuahuas to know everything you need to know! A smaller collar is recommended. A size extra small or small for a life jacket or any clothes. A regular lease would be good because a expendable is very dangerous. Stuffed animals might not be good because if they ripe it up they can eat the stuffing and that is dangerous to eat. Get the address phone number your name and the dogs name on the collar. Small food or water bowls is good because they can drown in a big water bowl.

Susan asks…

i want a dog best answers 10 points?

i know they have before u get one
.food bowl
.water bowl
. crate
. Dog Food:blue i researched about and good for dogs.
-__-toys: Kong’s balls disc etc^__^
.harness especially for little dogs because there small and tug it could them
. Dog bed:soft so the dog likes it
. brush and comb depending on his coat
.dog shampoo
. something cozy and dark small for because we lots of storms
. treats for training the dogdogieggie life jacket when the lake
. rain coat and sweater for little dogs or dogs with not that much hair body heat quickly
what to get ready before the puppy/dog comes home
.puppy proof it
. get the food ready and the water
.get the crate ready

what to do when i the get the puppy/dog.
. get sprayed or neuter
.make it feel if puppy warm a bottle and under also have a clock

admin answers:

You forgot about potty training & that spray that tastes like sour apple to spray on things its not supposed to chew on & you forgot about it’s first tooth brush & tooth paste.
Have fun.

Carol asks…

which one is safer for my dog?

she is 4 lbs and will be like 9 months for vacation
which one might be best?

the first one has a d ring and is smaller so she can walk better
but the second one has more floating stuff
it will be tested in the pool before ocean though

admin answers:

They are two separate products. They are not meant for the same thing. What is your objective?

If you want a product that will help to teach your dog to swim then get the first one. If it is just a lifejacket that will keep her afloat in the water just get her the second one.

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