December 14, 2017

Best Dog Life Jacket

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Mark asks…

Something funny with YA? My question was posted twice.?

I didn’t post it twice. And also when I answer a question it says that YA is unavailable. Is YA burping? It was in reference to a life jacket for a dog. I guess I get to pick two best answers? It’s not me. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the answers.

admin answers:

THe same thing happened to me, but only one of the questions appeared in the list of questions, so I deleted the one that nobody had answered (from within ‘my questions’) and still had points deleted for deleting!? Even though it did not even show..
I just put it down to a glitch, it has only happened once for me.

Richard asks…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dog in every doctor’s office to screen for disease?

Mon, Jun 22 05:50 PM Dogs are being trained in Britain as potential life-savers to warn diabetic owners when their blood sugar levels fall to dangerously low levels.

Man’s best friend already has been shown capable of sniffing out certain cancer cells, and dogs have long been put to work in the hunt for illegal drugs and explosives.

Their new front-line role in diabetes care follows recent evidence suggesting a dog‘s hyper-sensitive nose can detect tiny changes that occur when a person is about to have a hypoglycemic attack.

A survey last December by researchers at Queen’s University Belfast found 65 percent of 212 people with insulin-dependent diabetes reported that when they had a hypoglycemic episode their pets had reacted by whining, barking, licking or some other display.

At the Cancer and Bio-Detection Dogs research centre in Aylesbury, southern England, animal trainers are putting that finding into practice and honing dogs’ innate skills.The charity has 17 rescue dogs at various stages of training that will be paired up with diabetic owners, many of them children.

“Dogs have been trained to detect certain odours down to parts per trillion, so we are talking tiny, tiny amounts. Their world is really very different to ours,” Chief Executive Claire Guest told Reuters TV.

The centre was started five years ago by orthopaedic surgeon Dr John Hunt, who wanted to investigate curious anecdotes about dogs pestering their owners repeatedly on parts of their body that were later found to be cancerous.At around the same time, the first hard evidence was being gathered by researchers down the road at Amersham Hospital that dogs could identify bladder cancer from chemicals in urine.

The move into diabetes followed the case of Paul Jackson, who told Guest and her team about his dog Tinker who warns him when his sugar levels get too low and he is in danger of collapsing.”It’s generally licking my face, panting beside me. It depends how far I have gone before he realises,” Jackson said. Tinker has now been trained by the Aylesbury centre and is a fully qualified Diabetic Hypo-Alert dog, complete with red jacket to announce himself as a working assistance animal.

The centre is continuing work to perfect dogs’ ability in spotting signs of cancer. But while dog-lover Guest says it would be nice to have a dog in every doctor’s office to screen for disease, ultimately that is not practical.
Instead, she hopes the research will lead to the invention of an electronic nose that will mimic a dog‘s.

“At the moment electronic noses are not as advanced as the dogs’, they are about 15 years behind. But the work that we are doing and what we are finding out will help scientists advance quickly so that they can use electronic noses to do the same thing,” she said.
Edit: Bear! You stay away from dogs today…and stairs! : )

admin answers:

Strange dogs have a tendency to sniff my crotch,so does that mean I’ve got ball cancer or something?
I’ll trust the doctor & my own intuition every time.

Faith – Impossible,as you very well know! ;)

Michael asks…

Warm winter jacket for VT?

Even though it’s still July…winter is already on my radar. I detest everything that has to do with it, but this year I want to be more prepared and hopefully as a result, a little less miserable.

I want to buy a jacket that is WARM. It can get in the negative F here and I would like to continue running/walking my dog. I’m perfectly happy to spend a couple hundred dollars as long as its durable and warm.

Ideally I don’t want a super bulky jacket, a form fitting one would be best. So any ideas? Maybe people who have jackets that are/aren’t warm?

And on a side note, any good gloves?

I’m not new to New England, lived here my entire life, but I’m sick of being a homebody all winter just because it’s cold.

admin answers:

When I lived in Central NY and MI I always had a Columbia Jacket for the winter months. They are what I preferred to wear. I also had a good wool coat that was more form fitting that did a nice job in crappy weather.

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