December 13, 2017

Best Dog Life Jacket

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Mary asks…

I wrote this, what do you think of it? Thanks!?

Chapter One : Destiny

There were strange vivid whirls surrounding me, and I tried to push it back to where it came from. But that didn’t make sense. Where did it come from? I sat down on a big log, and sighed. Where was I? Then, the log suddenly moved, and became a huge dragon. The dragon had solid red colored on it, with different shades of red, orange, and yellow splattered on it. Then, it shook me off, making me shoot out into the whirls. I stared as it shook itself like a dog. It said in a deep voice, “Destiny Garett, you are chosen. Now, step back.”
At that point, I started freaking out.
“But, are you real?” I stared at it with widened eyes, “Oh my gosh, why am I talking to like, a big lizard dragon thing? That doesn’t make sense at all.”
The deep voice laughed, “I am real. I am the Dragon of Fire. Now please, step back.”
Afraid of being flamed away, I stepped back and waited for him to talk again.
“Good, no-”
“Wait a minute. How do you know my name?” I interrupted.
“I know everything,” he grinned widely, showing his sharp, sparkling teeth, “Now please. Sit, and do not interrupt.”
I sat, and tilted my head up. The Dragon of Fire was really tall and scaly.
“By chosen, I mean you are chosen for being a guardian of the earth. You will help and defend the good, and attack the evil. You are one of three of a crime-fighting team. Now, wake up, and you will meet your teammates today.” He said, and then began again after a thought, “Your status is all on this paper. Thank you, and goodbye.”
He faded as I looked at the place where he once was. I crawled to where the little piece of paper was, and picked it up. It was a little card, about as big as an index card. It had a billion little colored dots on the edges that created one big beautiful border. Inside the border was this neatly written text:

To The Beauty :
You, Destiny Garett, have been chosen to be a third of a crime fighting team. The Dragon of Fire should have already told you what you have to do.
Anyway, you are the beauty third. You will amaze everyone with your looks. This will lure in many of your opponents. Your strengths are: getting what you want, appeal, and being the most graceful, well-spoken, beautiful teenager in the world. Your weaknesses are: smartness and thinking very, very well. And since you met the Dragon of Fire, you also have some capabilities of fire, such as: flamethrower, melting, and controlling all types of fire.
To meet your teammates, please follow these directions: go to Bondal Street at 3:00 p.m. sharp. Meet me (to identify me, look for aman with a jean jacket and a red cap). And then I will show you everything you need to know.
Thank you and best wishes to your new life,
John Smith

I read it over again and again, and then suddenly, the whirls gave away. I started falling, falling, falling, into a deep space in this wonderland.


The sound of a loud beeping noise woke me with a start. I sat straight up and I sighed. ‘All a dream,’ I thought. I looked to my right and noticed I was gripping a small card with writing on it. It had a rough texture, and when I looked at it closer, I saw it was the card the Dragon of Fire had left for me, written by John Smith. ‘Or not.’
My heart beat so loudly I could hear it ringing my eardrums. I put my hand to my heart to make sure it wouldn’t explode out of my chest. I started sweating, and my hair was getting damp.
‘This can not be happening,’ I thought. It couldn’t be. But it was.
I glanced at my clock, and it was 6:27 a.m. I rushed out of my bed in a hurry and ripped off my pajamas. I pulled on a red and white striped shirt and shorts in a hurry. I combed my hair with my fingers, and then I stopped. I stood in front of my mirror, my mouth wide open. I suddenly looked taller and skinnier (I was skinny before) and I had pale skin. In the place of my ordinary brown eyes were crystal blue, and my used-to-be-brown short hair was now long, beautiful and golden. But what awed me most was my flawless face. It looked beautiful. There were no ‘mistakes’ what-so-ever. I guess I really was the ‘beauty’ part of the three. I sighed, and I knew if I were a guy, I would so date me. ‘Woah. I guess that smartness weakness is really real. I’m not thinking very, very well.’ I thought.
I suddenly thought about my family. My friends. My teachers. My neighbors. I have changed dramatically. What would they say? I tied my blonde hair up in a pony and threw a cap over my head. Ugh. Still visible. And even if I could cover up my hair, what about my eyes? Skin tone? Height? Weight? Face? The beauty…
I threw my cap down in disgust and sat on my stool for a few minutes. What was I thinking? I tried to ignore it and I pulled my backpack out of my closet and ran into my living room.
“Honey, you’re going to be late. Hurry up and go to your bus stop. Here’s your breakfast.” She skimmed over the words
It continues!!! :

She skimmed over the words in a hurry as she handed me a lunch bag containing a carton of OJ, a PBJ sandwich, and a banana.
“Ok,” I took the bag and started to head out the door.
“Honey. What happened to you?” my mom asked as I took a step out my front door.
“I don’t know. Please don’t ask me. I know I look really different, but I can’t explain. I do-” I was cut off by my mom.
“What are you talking about? I was just asking about that cut on your arm.”
I peered at my arm, and saw the cut I got yesterday from my cat, Cassie.
“Cassie.” I said, confused.
“Oh, ok. Well have a good day!” she waved and walked out of the living room.
I stared at where she just was in confusion. She didn’t notice my height? Or my weight? Eye color? Skin tone? Or even my hair? I was so confused now. I shook my head and ran to my bus stop, and figured I missed it.
I walked to school, and saw my best friend Janelle Botson. She had to notice something.
“Janelle! Over here!” I waved and smiled
And the last part :

“Janelle! Over here!” I waved and smiled at her.
“Oh, hi Destiny. Why aren’t you on the bus?” she asked, pulling a piece of black hair behind her ear.
“I missed it,” I shrugged, “Cool shirt.”
Janelle looked down, and smiled, “Thanks. I got it yesterday,”
im writing this for fun

admin answers:

This is an amazing story send me more when you finish some more

Steven asks…

Do you think my story is good?

I wrote this story for a school project. It is the story of a dog. I am 13 years old right now but I was 12 when I wrote it. Please, if you have hateful comments, keep them to yourself.

The name of this story is “Confined”

I believe anyone can say that they would hate to wake up to lonely concrete walls, and an exceedingly uncertain future. It seems peculiar how so many choose that path despite the harsh consequences. And in all of that strange logic, I had been sandwiched in the middle of it for most of my life. Although, I suppose for all those frightful years, I was in a much better position than most. I had a motive almost no one there had, and that was love.

That devoted presence I provided, must have been quite helpful to him, Eldon Bryce; a man convicted of murdering a twenty-six year old girl named Jessica Gorton. The jury was exceedingly confident that the data unmistakably pointed to Eldon. Little did they know, I was with Eldon that dark, misty day when Jessica passed away, and all night we were celebrating Eldon’s new profession as a chef. Naturally, there was no evidence that that had truly occurred, as it was just us two that night. And unfortunately, no human back then could understand my barking.

In spite of the fact that Eldon had the best lawyer in all of New York, he was pronounced guilty one summer day in August. From then on, I had awful nightmares that haunted me even after I woke up. That was because I knew what my owner’s fate would be. And I certainly knew mine. Revisiting the adoption center was the least of my worries. I was far more concerned with leaving him; Eldon.

Normally, a street dog like me at the start of my life would never get too attached to humans. That was because the elders in my family had heard tales of horrific cruelty and desertion. Obviously, they were inclined to share them to warn the other dogs. True, some humans were better than others. But as my mother instructed me,

“In the end, they’re all humans, dear. To hurt another living being in such a way is an inexcusable offense,” she would say. “It’s best to stay away from humans all together, to prevent something atrocious.”

I respected my mother, and took what she told me in consideration for an awfully long time. Nevertheless, I didn’t completely give up on humans. I watched their docile and also aggressive actions vigilantly. Never approaching them, but also never straying too far.

And then there was one day in the frigid winter, when I met a young boy. He was wearing a giant, navy winter jacket and coffee brown slacks. Back then I was just a puppy, and it was the first time I had ever seen such a gentle person. Not only did he feed the birds, he also fed the occasional cat that passed by. Sure, I had seen this behavior before, but this boy was unique. He was genuinely kind to the animals. I gazed at him as he giggled and smiled while he lightly stroked the cats and fed the birds the finest parts of his meal.

“Will I get some too if I go over there?” I thought curiously. When you’re a street dog, food is the greatest treasure. I can still recall my family coaching me on how to turn over trash cans and trap rodents. It absolutely was not the idyllic meal for a dog, but whatever kept us alive was good enough.

Daringly, I began to leisurely draw near the boy from the raspberry bushes beside him. I wasn’t certain what he would do to me, and I wasn’t too concerned. The food was the prize.
At first he didn’t notice me. I had to warily walk in front of him. Though, I never took my eyes of the sandwich, which was dripping with maroon jelly.

“Hey…” The boy softly whispered to me. Abruptly I saw his arm out in front of me, his long fingers extended. Whimpering, I shuffled back, prepared to take off if necessary. “It’s alright. I won’t hurt you.” He said. I let him touch my head, but my nerves ultimately got the best of me and I darted back into the bush.

The day passed and morning came. The boy came back and sat on the wooden bench where he had before. I retreated from the bush once again and managed to get close to him. I hadn’t eaten in quite a while, so I was rather desperate. I allowed the boy stroke my head, neck, back, and tail. Finally, a piece of sandwich was placed in front of me. I dug in without much thought.

“Wow, you’re hungry.” The boy chuckled and patted my head. “How would you like to come home with me? I promise you can eat all the food you want.”

And so, I sadly said farewell to my family. However, I did not tell anyone where I was truly going. I feared that my family would have felt tremendous betrayal if I told them the truth.

In the first couple days with my new owner, I discovered the significance of friendship, respect, patience, and how much my family was missing out on. I also learned that just because there are some unlucky dogs i
sorry here is the rest:

In the first couple days with my new owner, I discovered the significance of friendship, respect, patience, and how much my family was missing out on. I also learned that just because there are some unlucky dogs in the world, does not mean every dog has to have a cruel fate. Additionally, I learned the name of my owner: Eldon Bryce.

Seven years later, one day after Eldon’s trial, I was flabbergasted to learn the new turn of events. For the first time in history, I would be permitted to spend the rest of my life with Eldon Bryce in his jail cell. Some might say it was a miracle, but others could easily argue it was a great misfortune. I certainly would never see a dog toy or a biscuit again, for my entire life. I knew that. But I felt like I needed to return my favor to Eldon; the boy, who saved me from the streets, let me ride in the back seat of his car, took me for walks, and flat out loved me. To me he was everything; a savior of sorts. I owed my
To me he was everything; a savior of sorts. I owed my company to him.
Eight years later, on a frosty day in fall, Eldon Bryce died from a seizure. That was my last day in the jail cell. Perhaps, an uncertain future is the fate of a dog like me. But I definitely won’t ever regret confronting Eldon Bryce. Even if meeting him meant spending a large portion of my life confined, I cherished every minute I spent with him.

admin answers:

Very impressive for your age, interesting story. So YES i do this your story is good

John asks…

I think my brother is mentally sick?

He was always a lovable weirdo. But he never leaves the house unless he’s going to work. About a year ago, he moved out of moms house and lives with his best friend. He’s 23 now, but he’s really paranoid about whatever is going on outside his window. I caught him near his window with his fingers making an imaginary gun, and he’s talking into his shoulder like a police officer. When he does this in front of people, it’s for laughs. but he’s doing it when he’s by himself. He swears he’s Jack Bauer.

Last time I visited him, there were some middle-eastern men doing construction work outside his window. And my brother tells me that al-qaeda is on to him. Even when I was riding the train with him that day, some black guy got annoyed why my brother kept staring at him. He got up and said “Yo, you aight dog?”, and my crazy brother pretends he’s taking a gun out of his jacket, but keeps his hand in there. It’s getting frustrating because I have to keep saving his a-ss. And he won’t go to a doctor.

Can anybody tell me what you think he has? So I can research it, then tell a doctor about it? Thank you.
Jack Bauer is a fictional government agent who shoots down terrorists for a living. ::Sigh::

admin answers:

Yeah, your brother sounds like he’s cracking up. If he don’t want to see a doctor, you can’t force him. And for the people saying to get his parents in on it, YOU CAN’T, he’s 23! Hello??

I say just leave him alone, and remind him that you love him. Good luck.

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