December 14, 2017

Best Rated Dog Collars

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Joseph asks…

Do you think a webbing harness is better for the dog+the owner or a standard leather dogs collar and a leash?

I personally think using a well fitted webbing harness[or leather]and a leash is much kinder on the dog,mainly because i noticed that walking the dog using a collar
has a very restrictive effect on the dogs throat and makes breathing difficult which in turn makes the dog pull even more to escape from that sensation,and it cannot be
too good for the dogs throat over time
nor the owners arms and shoulders.
A harness on the other hand spreads the force of the dogs pulling power, over the front of the animals shoulders and around the mid torso, the dogs throat area is left untouched ,and it halves the amount of strenuos pulling along power the dog has on the owners arm and shoulder
making it a much more enjoyable expierence for both of you when out walking with your pet.

What do you currently use to take your dog for a walk?
have you tried the harness but do not rate it much
or found it to be the best thing you ever bought for the dog
or do you prefer the collar and leash.

admin answers:

With our German Shepherd we use a halti – its brilliant, especially when he gets a little excited..he is a very large dog and that allows us to control him without restricting his throat. We could never use a harness on him – he is too strong.

With our Dalsation we have to use a combination of harness and gentle leader (Halti-type lead) and place equal pressure on each. She trys to pull the gentel leader off if it guides her but she is waaaaay too strong for the harness alone. We have found this method is great as she gets confused about which part is restricting her…. And its gentle!!!

Jenny asks…

Big/medium dog – walking harness..?

I have a Black Lab who is now 1 year old. I walk her on a plain, regular, leash clipped to her collar. She pulls a little and when I say ‘easy’ she loosens up for a while. I was watching Pet Star and there was a Bull Terior who pulled a lot while on walks, then they put him in this harness thing, and it worked great for him. I was wondering about my dog? What do you think? Any other recommendatinos?

[[I'm talking this type of thing: ... not sure wether to call that a harness or not.. haha. (: ]]

admin answers:

If your dog understands the ‘easy’ command, you don’t need to get a harness. I personally have tried that type and it only worked for about two minutes. Tools like that can help a person train their dog, but the person shouldn’t think they’re the solution.

Robert asks…

Welcome to TWA Nitro with a WQ and Rate the show and Pick the Winners?

Welcome to TWA Nitro

Night of Champions was a great PPV with Team GB retaining the tag titles against The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Jamie Noble lost the cruiserweight title to Shannon Moore, Drew McIntyre retained the IC title against Matt Morgan. Randy Orton and The Rock had a tremendous iron man match with Orton just winning. Now lets begin the show

Promo 1

The Federation come out and they all grab microphones

The Rock: Ever since Lochy McKenzie our TWA Chairman left our prestigous group he has become corrupt and tried to screw us.

Drew McIntyre: After we helped him through times of hardship and pain he then chooses to pander to you people.

Chris Masters: Well Revenge is a b*tch Lochy and tonight we’re getting ours.

Triple H: And don’t think you’re getting off lightly because you were a former member trust The Federation you’ll be getting a lot worse.

The Rock: However we’re willing to let this go only if you give The Rock a TWA Championship Match.

(Lochy McKenzie comes out)

Lochy: Well, Federation I’m not giving you a title shot Rock however you’re going to be in tbe match at Fusion because I’ve decided at Fusion, Nitro will have a fatal four way for the TWA Championship and well I’ll let you in that but only on one condition.

The Rock: What’s that?

Lochy: Drew McIntyre must defend the TWA Intercontinental Championship tonight.

Drew: Deal, So who’s my opponent.

Lochy: Well I actually got a few wrestlers who want your title so it’s going to be AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre for the Intercontinental Championship and that match is next.

Match 1

AJ Styles w/Ric Flair vs Drew McIntyre(c) vs Rey Mysterio

Promo 2

Jack Swagger comes out

Swagger: At Night of Champions, I revealed that I was the man attacking Chris Jericho now you may all be wondering why? Well the reason is, Because of impact pure and simple. Ever since that feud with John Cena I had, No one has cared where I’ve been and TWA has used me like crap so I took an opportunity. So Chris it was nothing personal it was just business.

(Chris Jericho comes out)

Chris Jericho: Really it wasn’t personal so you attacking me wasn’t personal. What kind of idiot do you think I am? Why did you choose me? Because I’m the best in the world at what I do so how about you shut up and how about we settle this tonight.

(Chris Jericho comes running down the ring but Jack Swagger goes out, But Jericho keeps running at him but then security stop him and Swagger grabs the mic)

Swagger” I’m the all American, American Jack Swagger and you’ll never get your match.

Match 2

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs The Colons
(Team GB come out to scout the match)

Match 3

Shannon Moore and Paul London vs Jamie Noble and Suicide

After the match Jamie Noble attacks Shannon Moore and grabs the mic.

Noble: I am using my rematch for the cruiserweight title next week and in a match that stops you from doing any high flying manuevers the first ever TWA Dog Collar Match. Our necks will have a rope tied to them with both of our necks on the same rope you my friend will not be able to do any of your so called wrestling where you jump around like a little pansie so good luck.

Promo 3

Randy Orton comes out and grabs the mic

Orton: It was announced that at Fusion it’s going to be a fatal four way for my title well I am going to destroy everyone in my path to keep this title.

(Sheamus comes out)

Sheamus: Well as much as a compelling argument as that is I am planning on being in the TWA Title match at Fusion and well I don’t think you can beat me, I don’t think you can even come close.

(Bobby Lashley interupts)

Lashley: Now listen you two I’m going for the title and I’ll win because I am the most athletic and powerful star here so no one can stop me on my path for the TWA championship so if anyone has a problem with it come here.

(Triple H’s music comes on and he comes out)

Triple H: I know, I’m apart of The Federation, Well I’ve got a goal however and that goal is to win the TWA Title once again so how about all you people just go away so I can talk to the champ because really no one in this ring matters except for Me and The champ so.

(Jeff Hardy interupts)

Jeff: Wait a minute, I am an enigma is anybody else that, I don’t think so, So I’m announcing it should be me that gets the TWA Title match.

(TWA Chairman Lochy McKenzie comes out)

Lochy: If it’ll make you all shut up I’m making two announcement Number 1 Triple I’m adding you into the match only one condition though you must compete against The Rock tonight, But to the other 3 well you’re all going to be in a match it’s going to be Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus vs Bobby Lashley and I’m adding someone vs Matt Morgan winner will be in the fatal four way match at Fusion.

Match 4

The Rock vs Triple H

After the match The Rock and Triple H have a fight and start attacking each other and security break
After the match The Rock and Triple H have a fight and start attacking each other and security breaks it up.

Main Event

Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus vs Matt Morgan vs Bobby Lashley
Winner gets title shot at Fusion.

After the match Randy Orton comes out and RKO’s everybody and then grabs the mic

Orton: Next week Triple H and Rock I want one of you two to get your @sses down here so we can have a match but not just any match a first blood match.

Orton drops the mic but then Triple H and The Rock ambush Orton and then The Rock and Triple H stand tall but then The Rock extends his hand. Triple H then grabs his hand and pulls him in and kicks him in the gut and does the pedigree and walks off. The show ends with Triple H at the top of the ramp posing.

Rate the show and Pick the Winners

WQ: Rey Mysterio World Champion whats your opinion?

admin answers:

AJ Styles
The Colons
Shannon Morre and Paul London
The Rock
Jeff Hardy
1010 good ending

can you check out my Raw

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