December 14, 2017

Best Rated Dog Toys

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Sharon asks…

What is your favorite all around store to shop at for dog products, and your LEAST favorite?

I’m not talking about buying a dog from the store, just buying things like food, toys, medication, etc. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best, how would you rate your store and why?

I never really get a chance to go to pet stores, so I’d like to know who’s good and who isn’t.

admin answers:

I buy a lot from Jefferpets online. I go to PetSmart a lot. I get a lot of things from the vet clinic too.

David asks…

If dog likes to chew, go and buy him a … or “a raw turkey neck”. …?

I saw this answer on another dog thread, it was ratedBest Answer”. The whole paragraph…
“If he likes to chew, go and buy him a raw cow’s hoof, knuckle, or a raw turkey neck. This will give him the chew satisfaction as well as a nutritional supplement. ”

I would add pressed rawhide, especially for small pups; they can rip pieces of regular rawhide and choke.

But the “raw turkey neck” I had never heard of. Is that really true, if so, would frozen be ok? Better? I know chicken bones are not good because they can splinter.

I love to give my dog natural treats like hard boiled eggs, but a natural chew toy sound too good to be true!

admin answers:

I get sick of saying this, raw bones and meat are perfectly fine to give to a dog as long as its of a size that cant be swallowed whole. Do not cook bones as this makes them brittle. If you are in any doubt, ask your vet, they may have a different opinion to me, or you, but if you doubt it, dont do it.

Laura asks…

Is my puppy chewing through fabric toys too fast?

This is my first dog. He’s a Chug. We have got him at sixteen weeks in December from a shelter. He LOVES fabric toys. We have the Kong, which he goes crazy for when there is PB in it, a nylabone which is still the same one since December…and TONS of squeeky toys that he eats through in a couple of days! Most recently, we got him one of the rope stuffed Monkeys put out by Kong, and he ate through to the stuffing in two days.

He goes through stuffed squeak toys at the rate of two a week. Is this normal for a puppy? What are the best soft/fabric toys for him? Or, does he have some kind of a problem?

admin answers:

If he is “gutting” them by pulling the stuffing out, try one of the unstuffed style of toys:

My dogs have several of the Skinneeez toys. The company now has a selection with many squeakers and also some that can hold water bottles (remove all labels and lids from the bottles).

I’ve also found some toys that have a layer of nylon luggage material as well. I’ve been looking at this toy, but have not purchased it yet:

I do have the cow toy in this line and it has held up very well:

Good luck. Always monitor play with plush toys since you don’t want him to eat the squeaker.

(Oh, and no problem — puppies chew alot.)

Added: this is another very durable chew toy:

My dogs have two toys out of this material, but they are not favorites. They are not very soft, but are durable.

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