December 14, 2017

Best Rated Dogs

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Richard asks…

Why do so few people (on Pets-dogs at any rate) not rate the Best Answer?

So many seem to ask questions and then walk away – leaving the Best Answer to the general vote. Shame as I’d love to read what happens in a lot of the cases.

admin answers:

It’s lazyness

Steven asks…

where is the best spot to take a dogs heart rate with a stethoscope?

its for a science project. due pretty soon. i appreciate your answers

admin answers:

In the center of the ribcage

Jenny asks…

What is Straw Dogs rated and what is it about?

I want to know this because my best friend’s mom is going to be in the remake of it, and I want to see her perform. And I heard there is rape scene in the original one, but idk if there’s a rape scene in the new one. And please answer this question!! I REALLY want to know. And links would be great, too. :)

admin answers:

Here’s the Wikipedia article on the movie. The remake will most likely be rated R. And the rape is an integral part of the plot, they can’t take it out without having an entirely different movie.


And here’s the IMDb page:

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