December 14, 2017

Best Small Breed Dog Food

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Charles asks…

What is the best dog food to feed large breed dogs and small breed dogs?

I have a Jack Russell and a Northern Inuit and was wondering if there is a particular food that would suit each breed?
Why do they have large breed dog foods and small breed dog foods? Whats the difference?

admin answers:

There are a lot of good dog food brands out there. When purchasing any dog food, ALWAYS read the ingredients. You will be amazed what is in the popular dog food brands. The first ingredient should ALWAYS be meat.

When choosing food for my Shiba Inus I researched alot online to see what was common food allergies with this breed. EVERY breed is different so I would recommend you research this for each of your dogs. Ex: Shibas are prone to having bad allergies to lamb. I noticed within a week of changing their food that my shibas coats were SO shiny. It amazed me how big of a difference it has made in their health, skin & coats. Now I avidly only purchase “real” food for my babies, none of the cheap stuff, even for their treats.

As for large/small breed dog food… You should never feed a small breed, large breed dog food, or vice versa. Not only are they bigger bites of food, but more importantly they contain the key ingredients for dogs of a certain weight. Larger dogs need more nutrients and vitamins and maybe even a different TYPE of vitamins. And smaller dogs do not need the same amount as a large dog. Although most of these lg/sm breed bags, i agree, are a marketing ploy. You will notice with the better dog food brands there are usually not small/large breed bags. They are all the same, just change of portion size.

Just an FYI- I am currently unemployed and on a strict budget. I say that bc you do NOT need to spend an insane amount of money to take care of your animals. It is a little more costly bt well worth it! The way I see it is, “would you feed nothing by byproducts and corn meal to yourself or your own kids?” It would be like us living 24/7 off of nothing but chicken flavored chips or coke. Lol.

Good luck!

Nancy asks…

What’s the best brand of dog food to feed a pregnant, small breed dog?

admin answers:

I feed my pregnant girls, and pups, and adult, and senior dogs etc the same thing; a RAW diet of meaty bones, meat and organs. They eat chicken, beef, lamb, pork, fish (tinned and raw), eggs and heaps of kangaroo as welll as various organs such as heart, liver and kidneys.

A pregnant dog will need her food intake increased by the sixth week and by the end of pregnancy may need several meals a day. Those pups can take up a lot of room.

If you aim to feed about 2/3 meat including heart and the rest a combination of meaty bones and organs your girl will have everything she needs to grow healthy pups.

Linda asks…

What’s the best Natural small breed adult dry dog food out there?

I have a 5lb finicky Papillon. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

My preference is Innova Evo. It has no grains and simulates a raw food diet. My chihuahua loves it. Check out this site to compare some quality food brands.
FYI.. Iam’s is garbage and they support animal testing!

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