June 27, 2017

Can A Female Dog Take Care Of An Orphaned Newborn Puppy?

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I had 3 dogs. 1 male and 2 female and 1 of the female dogs had two puppies and she died leaving behind only two puppies. Then one puppy died and now there is only one puppy. Can my other dog that is a female adopt it? If so how can I convince her to take the puppy under her care?

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  1. eviechat says:

    sometimes dogs will take a puppy as there own, but you cant make them do it. I think you can leave them alone and watch from a distance, to see how the female dog reacts. she is not likely to lactate and nurse the pup, but you can get formula from the vet and do it yourself.


    yeah she might mother it but she can’t nurse it b/c she isn’t producing milk! I know this is sad, but raising a newborn pup is 24/7 job and I would reccomend if you can’t take care of it, surrendering it to a shelter or having it Humanely Euthanized!

  3. hello says:

    You need to feed it. The other dog can’t feed it and may not want anything to do with it. This is your puppy now.
    IF you do not feel that you can care for this puppy every 2 hours around the clock for a few weeks of bottle feeding then PLEASE call your vets emergency number and ask him if he has any clients that have new litters. Maybe one of these other homes would be willing to take your puppy in and let their dog nurse and care for it.

  4. Eduardo G says:

    Your other dog wouldn’t have any milk for the puppy
    unless she has just had puppies. Go to a pet store
    and get a little bottle to feed it with.

  5. Freedom says:

    Unless your other female is nursing a litter of her own then she is not going to be able to feed the puppy – but she could be a good mother substitute in terms of keeping the puppy warm and helping it to learn doggy manners. The chances of the female producing milk for the puppy are one in several million unless she has pups herself or has nursed recently.
    I have two dogs – both desexed – a boy and a girl. We fostered regularly for the SPCA before moving into helping more with assistance dogs in training and my boy was more cuddly and maternal than my girl. They both were harder on the puppy at times because it wasn’t theirs – but they would let the puppies crawl all over them and cuddle up for sleeps.
    Don’t try and force the puppy onto the female – put the puppy nearby and if the female growls and moves away don’t force her. If she grumbles but doesn’t move away hover and watch the puppy – if the female acts agressively remove the puppy and find another solution. It may be that you can find a breeder in the area who might put your puppy on their female – but you should talk to your vet and see what they recommend – in the long term it might be more humane to have the puppy put to sleep as without mums colostrum the puppies immune system may not be able to cope.
    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  6. esoeteri says:

    it will take the female dog time to accept or adopt the newborn puppy. think of them as humans, they won’t easily take care of someone they don’t have history with.

  7. JaM says:

    It might take a while for her to get use to her but all yuo have to do is look very ycare to their actions together.If you have any questions right back on my e-mail address.

  8. titi says:

    i think she can becuz i heard of a dog called a miki
    it once saw a litter of kittens or puppies and took care of them so i think any kind of dog could be able

  9. liz101 says:

    only if she’s willing.
    there is new born puppy products if she doesn’t.. just go to a local pet store.
    take the poor thing to the vet!
    <3 goodluck

  10. kristine says:

    you can bottle feed it with puppy formula and only that! cow milk will give it diareah
    but you might be able to try to get your other female to except it but if she doesnt the first time dont try agian or she might hert it!

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