December 13, 2017

Check Out My New Dog!

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Here’s some pics of my new dog – Mojo!

She’s mostly Chihuahua – I’m actually not sure of her lineage as I got her at the Humane Society and they said she was a stray. She looks like a Chi but she’s 10 pounds so bigger than the breed standard. She came all the way from California to our Nashua NH humane society and my husband saw a picture of her on the internet and we fell in love with her right away!

She’s the sweetest thing ever and it turns out she is housebroken and knows how to walk on the leash (she loves walks and actually goes along at a pretty good clip forcing me to power walk!).

It’s only been 2 ½ weeks but we’ve already become quite attached to each other. Now If I could only get her and the cat to get along…….



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