December 14, 2017

Choose A Golden Retriever As Your Next Family Pet

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Choosing a family pet is something you have to consider very carefully. With all the breeds of dogs available on the market, your options are endless.

The American Kennel Club divides the different breeds in groups that share different characteristics common to all the breeds in the group. The golden Retriever belongs to the Sporting Group.

The Sporting Group Includes some of the oldest and most popular breeds around the world. A lot of these breeds were originally intended for hunting, but most of the dogs are kept as regular family pets who rarely hunt. But, it is because of these traits that some of these breeds are so much fun to have around. Goldens, as their name suggests, are retrievers, and they love fetching a ball, sometimes for what feels like hours. They also have outstanding personalities, and they make wonderful companions.

Goldens are bred for toughness and strength. Don’t let their soft face distract you from their purpose. Even if Goldens love to lay around and playfully wrestle with you on the rug, they are worth their weight in gold in the field.

Goldens tend to be a bit loud and very energetic when they are young. The Golden puppy should have plenty of chew toys around. Remember, puppies aren’t fussy and don’t discriminate. A chair leg or a chew bone are one and the same for them. Goldens are easy to train, very sporty and their personalities are endearing. Their goal is to make you happy. You can find them performing with tails wagging and eyes shining in the obedience, agility, and fly ball arenas. They are also excellent with children.

Their color can either be a very light or a very deep shade of blond. The coat darkens a shade after the first year. They are on average about 24 inches tall at the shoulders, and sometimes females can be a little shorter. Their coat should be long and either flat or wavy. Without proper brushing their coat tends to mat.

So, if your goal is to find a pet that can make a good companion to you and to your kids, Goldens might be just the perfect breed to go with.

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