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Of all the dogs and the Hound category, the dachshund is perhaps the most interestingly shaped. Originating from Germany, this little dog was bred to hunt badgers thus his long short legged shape. Dachshunds are very proud and courageous and come in three varieties - the long haired, the short haired, and the wire haired. This little guy can be rather tenacious true to his spirit of hunting prey but makes a loyal and loving pet.

Breed Specifics
The dachshund is part of the AKC hound group and has a long body with short legs. It comes in three varieties wirehaired, shorthaired, space and long haired and also in three different sizes which is available in each variety.
Height: The height for the standard size is 14 to 18 inches.
The height for a the dwarf or miniature size is up to 14 inches.
The height of the toy size is up to 12 inches.
Weight:The weight for the standard size is 20 pounds.
The weight for the miniature size is 9 pounds.
And the weight for the toy breed is 8 pounds.
Longevity: Dachshunds can live for 12 to 15 years.

This dog is muscular with short legs and an elongated body. The head is also elongated with a convex skull and protruding eyebrows. He has muscular and strong jaws. It has oval eyes are dark - either brown, black or even red and he has a friendly and energetic expression. The ears are long and hang down. The tail is carried straight up in line with the back.
Colors: dachshunds can be solid or bi colored. Solid colored dachshunds come in yellow or tan and bi colored feature a bright chestnut color with black, brown or gray markings. There are also varieties that are harlequin or piebald.

Dachshunds are affectionate and loyal but given their willful nature they can be difficult to train. They are a bit mischievous and are avid diggers to watch your yard for holes. Some people think that the long-haired dachshund is a bit calmer, and the wire haired more outgoing and clownish. Dachshunds can be a bit protective of their things and do best with old children and are usually good with other pets but some content to be jealous and obstinate. Dachshunds take well to travel but be careful not to overfeed them for they can gain weight easily.

Health Issues
Dachshunds can gain weight easily and have a tendency to get lazy which adds to their health risks. They can be prone to heart disease, diabetes, and urinary tract infections as well as problems with their discs in the spine.

Dachshunds can be a good apartment dogs as they are fairly active indoors and don't necessarily need a yard. Like most any dog they will appreciate being taken for walks and exercise and this can help to keep their weight down. Dachshunds are actually quite active for their size and can keep up with you on a walk even though it may not seem that way with their short legs. Do not encourage or dachshund to jump as this can damage their spine.

Dachshunds have an average rate of shedding and the shorthaired requires little grooming and really only needs to be rubbed periodically with a grooming cloth. The long-haired types will need to be brushed daily in their wirehaired should see a professional groomer every six months for trimming.

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