December 14, 2017

Do Foster Care Dog Parents Get Paid To Faster Care For Dogs?

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From some of the answers I got from on of my other ? I asked, got me really thinking of me becoming a dog foster parent. I need to make some money to help support me and my two children. I would like make money doing something I have a passion for. Working with dogs and helping them is my true passion. I not looking to become rich! I just need to be able to provide for my children while helping dogs.

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  1. Teresa W says:

    Unfortunately you won’t get paid cash for fostering a animal, your payment is helping save a precious life. However, vet bills are usually paid and occasionally they will help with food etc… Call your local animal shelter to inquire how to become a foster parent for animals.

  2. Kimberly C says:

    No, they don’t. They are volunteers. The organization will usually provide you with the dog food, and will pay for the dogs veterinary care, but not always. I have fostered dogs and cats and sometimes the organizations I worked with payed for the food for the animals and sometimes I paid for it myself (to help the organization). But no, no organization I have ever worked with has ever offered to pay me to foster. And I wouldn’t want them to.

  3. Maltese Lover says:

    No you do not get paid. Unless you are doing it more like a long term dog sitting, in which case the owner might pay you – some people who need this post on craigslist.
    It is up to the foster person to pay for the dogs needs – that is the point – the shelters cannot afford to pay for shelter and food for all the dogs, so nice people offer to help out in their own homes and own money.
    If you still want to do it, knowing you must pay for everything, then contact your local animal rescues and shelters for more information.

  4. Gypsy says:

    Everyone has answered your question about fostering – it’s a volunteer job.
    Honestly, if you are looking to do something to support you & your family, it needs to be a more traditional job. But since you have passion for animals, why not start there? What about working in a vet’s office, dog groomer’s, doggy day care, dog walking service, or pet store (preferably one that doesn’t sell puppies or other animals).

  5. Dana D says:

    You only get paid to support the dogs, it’s not like you get a weekly check for your work, they help with dog food and if the dog needs vet care, most foster places work on donations from people so money is tight.
    I have a friend who fosters dogs along with her own dogs and she’s always looking for donations to help with vet bills for new dogs and she has a full time job of her own.

  6. Weimaraner Mom says:

    if you are looking for a way to make money.. fostering dogs is not it.
    Fostering is strictly volunteer work. The rescue typically pays for the dog’s veterinary care.. but the foster home often pays for food and other comforts like bedding and toys.
    Rescue work is strictly non-profit. Many people invovled with rescue do often pay alot out of their own pocket to help save dogs too when the funds are not available for the rescue.

  7. SPAY YOUR MUTT! says:

    Typically, no. Fosters *donate* their time, love, and homes to help dogs…. this assists shelters and rescues with the problem of over-crowding, and helps to relieve that pressure. I don’t know of any shelters or rescues that could afford to pay their foster homes….. they rely greatly on these generous people who are so caring to volunteer these ‘services’.
    Usually, all of the (necessary/preventative) vet care is covered, and the foster ‘parent’ would be responsible for food, supplies, etc.
    You get paid with the warm feeling of knowing that you’ve made a difference!

  8. ?HNC? says:

    You become a foster parent working with a rescue group or an animal shelter that has a foster program. Go on and find those that are in your area.
    But you won’t get paid. If you are lucky, you might get reimbursed for dog food and vet care. It’s not a paid position – it’s a volunteer situation solely.

  9. Bozema says:

    no you do not get paid… they will usually cover the vet expenses for the animal while it is in your care… we donate all these expenses when we foster…helps the rescue and this may sound sad but it is tax deductible…
    fostering can be fun and challenging…enjoy

  10. PFSA says:

    No you don’t get paid to foster a dog. It’s not like fostering a child. It is a volunteer program.
    If you still want to become a foster parent, contact your local shelters and rescue groups.

  11. ?PomMom? ???????? Spay & Neuter says:

    Your supposta do it out of the goodness of your heart.
    If you can’t support your family you should’nt take on a dog.
    They take more than food and water.And your doing it for the wrong reason.
    Debbie O

  12. DebbieO says:

    No, you don’t get money for fostering. The only benefits, other than saving an animal, are the shelter will pay for food and vet care.

  13. Core says:

    No, you do not get paid to foster dogs. And normally you pay for the dog food. The rescue generally pays the vet bills.

  14. Basset Puppies = land piranhas says:

    no they don’t pay you they usually pay for all the supplies you need for the dog but not any extra - Dogs