December 13, 2017

Do You Think It Should Be Required By Law For Potential Dog Owners To Go Through Dog Care Classes?

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I think so. There are so many ridiculous people out there and in this section. I mean it is common sense really and they are usually unprepared to handle anytype of dog care, because they cant afford it, are too lazy, and etc

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  1. Talltail says:

    I think it’s something everyone should do. And if people are getting a dog from a reputable breeder, the breeder usually makes the owner and puppy take classes.
    I think it would be hard to enforce if it was a law, and, of course, it would cause an uproar. But before I adopted out or sold a puppy, I would make the potential owner take a dog/puppy care class.

  2. H A L 9000 says:

    I watch “Animal Cops” on Animal Planet and my heart just hurts to see how we…the crown of creation…treat our animals. I think that mistreatment should not be a misdemeanor but a felony with serious penalties, jail time and fines.
    I have read questions here that lead me to believe that folks should not be trusted with an animal unless they have some basic training.

  3. rescue member says:

    Yes, definitely and also for people wanting to have babies — but it’s not going to happen unfortunately.
    Both are too often impulse decisions, or for all the wrong reasons and the kids or the dogs suffer.

  4. Ceasars Mom says:

    I think it’s a good idea in theory, but putting it into practice would be almost impossible.
    Think about it….ANYONE is allowed to have a human baby…and alot of people shouldnt

  5. Mutt for the Truth says:

    I think it would be hard to enforce considering all the irresponsible breeders, pet stores, etc…
    But it’s a good idea.

  6. Reverend Black Grape says:

    You can’t legislate brains or common sense.

  7. *Patty* says:

    Just like driving a vehicle, and owning a gun. Yes, it should be a required course.

  8. T J says:

    Who is going to pay for it?
    My taxes are to high as it is!!!

  9. Loren S says:

    you have a point i don’t know if i would take it as far as you want.

  10. Yo LO! Aussie Grins says:

    Yes and a general “Aptitude” test before that.

  11. T?m?r?! will give you swine flu? says:

    it defiantly couldn’t hurt. :) - Dogs