December 14, 2017

Dog Behavior Change

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Ken asks…

If you spay a female dog, does its behavior change?

I am aware that neutering a male dog causes its testosterone to lower resulting in a fat lazy un-fun dog, does spaying a female dog cause any behavior changes? Or does it still act the same after being spayed? I am asking this as I have 2 male dogs and I’m adopting a female, I don’t want them to have pups and I don’t want to cruely neuter my male dogs.

admin answers:

I had a female dog that I got spayed and she was just as playful as the day I got her. So I would say no but I think it depends on the breed.

Thomas asks…

Can the rabie shot for the dog change her behavior and mood?

My dog was fine and was eating and happy soon that we gave her a rabie shot she chaged 100 % , is that possible ? and what can we do to change her back?
And it’s been 4 days now sine we gave her the vacc

admin answers:

It is very normal for rabies vac. To make the dog sleepy and uninterested in food. Should be back to normal in 24 hours. If not call vet.

Lisa asks…

Does a dogs behavior change when they have been desexed?

I had my female dog desexed and i just want to know if her behavior will change????

Thank you

admin answers:

Her behavior should not change much.
It will make males more likley to stay home and not roam looking for love. But for females the big benefits are lowering their risk of mamary cancer and you not having to put up with the heat cycles every six months.
As far as behavior i have a several spayed females and did not see big or really any difference in their behavior after the spay.

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