December 14, 2017

Dog Behavior Change

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Michael asks…

We adopted a dog that was not neutered.We have an appt to do so. Will this calm the dog down, change behavior?

He has a great personality, very loving, but he keeps jumping on my son and humping him. And now my son is scared of him. Will the dog become better after he is neutered?

admin answers:

Neutering can change his behavior some, but it’s not the answer to stopping him from jumping up on your son. You need to get some obedience classes and start right away. A good obedience trainer can solve most behavior problems!

Nancy asks…

How does a dog’s behavior change when she is in heat?

I have a female beagle who is in her 2nd heat cycle. I wanted to get her spayed when i got my tax refund, but she beat me to it, lol. Anyway, her first cycle wasn’t bad, didn’t much change in her demanor but this time she seems almost depressed, she’s kinda slow and unmotivated to do anything other than go outside, which I don’t let her do unless I’m there 2 watch her. She will start howling and crying out of the blue (well, seems it is to me) I’m figuring she’s now in that mid-cycle where she’s looking to accept a male cuz her bleeding has pretty much stopped and the drama has begun, heh..

admin answers:

You can have her spayed while she is in heat, do it now!!

Steven asks…

Will a female dog change her behavior after having puppies?

specifically her personality
her behavior, i wasn’t interested in breeding, i was just curious.

admin answers:

Some will and some won’t, there’s really no set formula. If you are considering breeding your dog for the purpose of calming her down or something similar, it’s a bad idea with extremely inconsistent results. Spaying is a much more effective way of calming a dog.

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