December 14, 2017

Dog Behavior Issues

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Linda asks…

How do you train a small dog with behavior issues?

I have a 3 yr old, 8lb Chihuahua. His bevhavioral issues range from pulling the leash to attacking people and actually drawing blood. It’s like something triggers in his brain and he just freaks out, won’t listen to me at all, he goes into this pyschotic state of mind. But he can also be really normal at times so I just don’t know how to handle him, he gives me anxiety and makes a simple walk dreadful. Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated!

admin answers:

Hi ,
The type of dog and his temperment has a lot to do with this. These little guys are almost always a little afraid of the world. Can get upset easily.
First, never hit your dog, merely, scold him and lay your hand firmly on his back as you do so. He will eventually understand what it is you want him to stop doing.
Also, Always remember, he thinks he’s doing his job as the protector. He doesn’t want anyone to hurt you in any way. This is his way of saying, “that’s MY person, I love them” Stay back.

Paul asks…

Dog Behavior Issues, Need Help!?

my mother has a dog that is approximately 5 years of age and she thinks its to late to change his behavior. i think otherwise. He is an English Bulldog (possible mix), and he has been confined to a cage most his life so is not use to human contact or other animals. he snaps and growls all the time. im pretty sure its trust issues. you throw a tennis ball and you try to take it to throw it again and he growls aggressively. another example: my father made my little sister some soup and the dog was in her room and my dad tried to remove the dog and the dog almost took a finger off then hid under my moms bed. i dont know how to get him the help he needs. they want to give him up but im afraid he will be put down because of his behavior or something… im concerned for this dog and i want to see him get help! i could use all the help possible before its to late!!

admin answers:

I dont think it is too late to train the dog as long as you stick with it. It sounds like he needs alot of socialization as well as exercise. You should look into a good trainer who knows how to handle dogs with socialization or aggression issues. Once he gets used to being around humans more and he learns to trust them he will probably make a much better pet. One trick for throwing a tennis ball with him is to make it rewarding to give you the ball. If you take a tennis ball and use a razor to cut a slash in it so when squezzed it opens up a little, then place a treat inside. Throw the ball and when the dog brings it back to you squeez it so the treat falls out. This way he will eat the treat and you get the ball back. If you keep doing that he may be more willing to let you have the ball.

Sandra asks…

Help…dog behavior issues…need advice?

My mom has a Papillon, who over the past year has developed a behavior issue. If someone is holding him, and someone else comes up to him while he’s being held, he gets snippy. This is the only situation when he acts this way. The problem is my mom, for some reason has never taken steps to stop this behavior. I have two children, ages 9 and 3. My 9 year old is old enough to understand when to stay away from the dog, but my 3 year old just doesn’t “get it” yet. Thankfully, no one has actually been bitten, but I feel it’s just a matter of time. As time has passed, my mom has adopted the attitude that everyone else just needs to deal with this problem and just not approach him if he’s being held. My feeling is that the dog needs to either be taught that this is not acceptable or be crated when people, especially my 3 year old, are around. To make matters worse, my 3 year old was recently bitten in the face by another dog and required surgery, so I’m extra nervous. Any advice?
The dog was neutered as a puppy. The behavior started suddenly when my sister was holding him while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters last Halloween. I imagine he got scared, and that somehow evolved into this behavior. Interestingly, he’ll even snap at my mom if I’m holding him.
I do understand the importance of teaching both my kids how to approach (or not approach) an animal. The two big problems are…this is lap dog that is held/carried often, and the dog has snarled even if another person comes and sits next to the person holding him. Second, a 3 year old can and will forget things sometimes – that’s just the nature of being 3 years old!

admin answers:

If your mother is the owner of the dog and she is unwilling to correct this problem the only thing you can do is keep your children away from the dog or have her confine the dog when you visit with your children because you are correct in believing it is only a matter of time before the dog bites someone.
The dog should be taught that this is unacceptable behavior or at the very least crated when company is around.

Here is an article that may be some use to you and your mother, look at the ebook on dealing with the aggressive dog:

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