December 13, 2017

Dog Behavior Issues

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Sandra asks…

dog behavior issues?

I have had this beagle for about a week. He is 2yrs old and saved from the pound the day he was sch. to be killed. He was heartwrom positive and has been treated, and his health issues have been dealth with. However his mental health is not good and wanted to know how anyone else had a dog with these issues. I have contacted a trainer. The dog submissive pees several times a day, is scared of noise, doors, people, and howls or barks often. It is like he works himself up into anxieity attack and howls for up to two hours. They gave me antianxity bill for night time but as soon as it wears off he panics again.

admin answers:

This site will help you learn how to work with this dog.

Changing how this dog feels and behaves is not going to be easy or quick, but you can help it. Learn about counter conditioning, desensitization, triggers and thresholds. Talk to the vet about a medication like prozac that can be used long term to help the dog. It will not ‘cure’ the dog but it can make the dog feel better and so can learn new behaviors more easily. You’ve got a project on your hands but if you learn how to work with this dog correctly you should see improvements little by little. Do not force this dog to deal with things that scare it. Your first goal is to work on the relationship you have with it. It needs to trust you completely. The poor guy.

Joseph asks…

Dog Behavior Issues?

My dog is very good with us and the family. He has never had any problems with house training or sit and stay. He is a very loving good dog.
However we are having two big problems. He is people and do aggressive.
We have tried a couple of trainers but they did not seem to know what they were doing.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Dog Trainers? I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL in case we can do lessons/

admin answers:

Check for trainers. Using positive reinforcement and non-punishing, non-bullying techniques is crucial in countering aggression issues. I’ve linked to some great books but nothing can substitute for an expert trainer.


Mark asks…

Dog behavior issues. ?

I got a new dog a 2 year old red male boston terrier. He has had no training what so ever. He doesn’t care for treats or anything. But we ahve to keep him inclosed in a room because when ever you let him out he doesn’t care about you he goes running in to the living room to stare at the chinchillas. An earthquake could go off, he wouldn’t care. Just stare.

Outside we have 2 stupid feral kittens that follow us around, and all he does is wait for them. Stare. He doesn’t play, because he is busy with his ‘hunting’ we have to keep him on a leash because of the cats. How do I get him to not do this!! Maybe also get him to play!!
For his background its simulair to a puppymill. But he may have been the only dog. Just studded out, left outside in a kennel. A kitten got in his kennel he killed it, thats why they gavehim back to the breeder.

(I have a 7 month old female bosotn who is toy crazy. We got him so they could play. D: )
I don’t have an extra $200 a session for training.

See he is the mellowest thing, nothing affects him. He is very calm, no energy what so ever!
We don’t have windows that are accesable, our chinchillas are pets indoors >.>

The kittens stay in the barn until we come outside, but nothing is visable from our door.

Stormy my 7 month old is awesome, I trained her well, better than any pro. But I’ve given up on him. Even trying to train him to sit!

admin answers:


You answered your own question. He has had NO training.

Its in a terriers natural instinct to chase and mouth things that are smaller than they are, its been bred into them.

This isn’t a behavioral problem or an issue, its nature on his part, and lack of nurture on yours.

Start formal training, you don’t need treats to motivate a dog.

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