December 13, 2017

Dog Behavior Licking

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Robert asks…

Strange licking behavior in Cairn terrier? My dog is licking the air!?

Hi. My cairn terrier is almost 12 years old, and has been acting weird. He has always been one to lick anything he get get his paws (and tongue) on. He constantly licks car seats, the floor, underwear (really, really nasty, I know. Thank god he prefers to lick other stuff and not me). But anyway, now he has started to “lick the air” as I would put it. He just sits and flicks his tongue as if he were licking something invisible all day. His tongue also looks longer than usual. What is wrong with my dog?!

admin answers:

Licking the air, or pretend fly catching, or anything in that “strange” department can actually be seizures. Seizures take many forms and air licking is one of them. Please visit and have a good look around.

When you go to your vet, please make sure you also run a thyroid panel as hypothyroidism is one cause of mini seizures and that is an easy fix.

Good luck!

James asks…

My dog likes to lick my hands and feet and I like that. However, she refuses to lick anyone’s face. Why?

This isn’t a problem, I am just curious if anyone knows dog behavior. Licking hands and feet indicates that the dog sees the person as “more important” in the pack than she is. But I just wonder why she refuses to lick my face. By the way, I am not dirty or smelly and I look OK too. No one has ever scolded her for licking his face, so it is not that either. Hmmmmm?

admin answers:

Honestly the skin is different on your face from you feet… Its much saltier on a face… It may just be a personal preference that the dog does not like the salty taste… Just a thought :)

Linda asks…

dog behavior?

we adopted a german shepherd/yellow lab mix in 2001, and ever since we first got her up to this very day, she has loved to lick. but she doesn’t only lick people, she licks the floor, furniture, and sometimes even the air.

does my dog like the taste of humans/floors/furniture, or is she just very very affectionate?

admin answers:

Contrary to popular belief, licking is not “kissing”. It’s a sign of submission OR stress. She shouldn’t be licking the floors and furniture – that could be toxic to her. Talk to a vet or dog trainer.

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