December 14, 2017

Dog Behavior Problems

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Donald asks…

My friend has a dog with behavior problems that her vet thinks should be put to sleep.?

She does not want to put her dog to sleep. What other options does she have?
She can not keep the dog because she a new baby.
The dog bites.

admin answers:

You can contact a rescue service that handles dogs with behaviour issues.

George asks…

Can dog obedience training really solve dogs behavior problems?

admin answers:

I would think so. But you can confirm that by going to There you will know all about dogs behavior problems and dog obedience training.

Chris asks…

Need insight into behavior problems for rescue dog?

I really want to adopt a small chihuahua mix dog from a local rescue, but I’m not sure how much of the dog‘s behavior can be shaped or altered with patience and training, and how much is the nature of the breed. The dog is very energetic and doesn’t show much interest in interacting with people. Not hostile, just indifferent. Dog is one year old and has had no socialization with people. Is it unrealistic for me to hope that the dog might calm down with time and training? I have not adopted the dog yet.

admin answers:

You can try to work with this dog, but it will take training, time and patience. There is no way to know how far you can get with it. The dog may be afraid of people so seems indifferent. Scared dogs will often zone out or shut down rather than run away or growl. They seem nicer, but they can be just as scared. Please visit this site to learn how to work with this dog should you decide to get her.

The page on games & exercises has good tips for how to start off with her.

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