December 13, 2017

Dog Behavior Training

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Ken asks…

When people are searching for dog training and dog behavior sites, what search words are most commonly used?

admin answers:

Clicker, positive, reward-based, four quadrants, operant, stimulus, reinforcer.

Jenny asks…

Anyone know the easiest and best dog behavior training course and where to find? Not a puppy with bad habits?

admin answers:

Petsmart has a wonderful program. They use positive reinforcement, no choke chains or anything. It is reasonably priced too.
Look on your city’s website. Some offer classes through Parks and Recreation. Usually cheap and good.
Good luck.

Donald asks…

which one would you go to for dog behavior training?

Roxy’s my 1 year old female pit bull Had’s so much . And wen my kids leave the house she gets separation anxiety and cry”s like a baby Recently she been jumping on small children and knocking them down. she doesn’t know how strong she is. shes still a baby in her mind. i have been working on the jumping. So i decided im going to take her to training classes. but i wanted to see what the people on yahoo q&a? say about these 2 places pet smart or pet co and if they had any dog training done at one of them? And which one and how was it?

admin answers:

I took my dog to petco, and i will tell you, they train you not the dog. Yes you take the dog to classes with you and they help you but they teach you how to train your dog.

In the basics class, we learned:
leave it

I went to petsmart and was just look at their training pamphlet and it looked like they covered more. But still, they train you how to train your dog. They do give you good tips tho.

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