December 14, 2017

Dog Behaviorist Training

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George asks…

dog behaviourist training?

do u need to go to college to be a dog behaviourist or can u rely on ur own experinces and ur own teachings. im 15 and very good at reading dogs and my one ambition is to be a doh behaviourist

admin answers:

For anybody to take you seroius you need that certificate. YOu can be a great dog trainer but some ppl wont let you touch their dog without it

Maria asks…

Dog Training business name?

I’m just finishing college to become a professional dog trainer/behaviorist and I can’t come up with a good name, cause most are taken. Does anyone have any good names, it doesn’t have to be dog like it can be something like “Kay dog training and behaviorist“, any good words that could mean dog too.

admin answers:

Laura asks…

Dog behaviorist in Wisconsin?

I have an aggressive chihuahua, he is 2 years old, and he shows aggression towards people and dogs and when he goes to the vet. Also he barks non stop if people come in the house and growls. I am in Wisconsin does anyone know of a good trainer or behaviorist I can take him too for training??

Has anyone heard of these dog boot camp places that say they will train your dog for you and if they work??

admin answers:

Where in Wisconsin? I’m in Wisconsin. I’m not a certified trainer, but I’m never afraid of dogs and have trained some difficult German Shepherd Dogs. I’d be willing to help.

Otherwise, I do know of good trainers in my area that are also inexpensive.

Dog boot camp is a bad idea, because normally the dog will come back to you and begin behaving badly again. You need to actively train your dog with a trainer. If you do send it away, make sure that when you get it back you make them spend time training you how to handle your dog.

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