December 16, 2017

Dog Breeds By Size

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Sandra asks…

Can the size of full grown dog be determined by size at 4 months?

We recently got a dog, but we are not sure of the breed. Currently he is 4 months old and weighs 16 lbs. Is there any way to know how big he will get based on that information? We thought he was a shetland sheepdog, but he already surpasses the weight of full grown dogs.

admin answers:

Only roughly. A rule of thumb (according to a vet I worked with once) is to double the weight at 4 months to get the approximate adult weight. There are shelties that weigh around thirty pounds — not the breed standard, I suppose, but I’ve seen them; I think they may just turn up sometimes as “freaks.”

Richard asks…

What small to medium sized dog breeds are good with strangers and other dogs?

I am looking to get a dog. I live in a residence hall, so there would be college students frequently stopping by. I would like a dog that is good with strangers (doesn’t bark at knocking, won’t snap if someone pets it) and also is good with other dogs (so people with dogs can dog-sit). There is a 50 pound maximum where I live on how heavy the dog can be. It would also be nice if the breed is easy to train and groom. Any suggestions would be great :)

admin answers:

A boxer, weimaraner, border collie, labs, pitbull. All these are good as long as you get them from a trusted breeder (not a petshop) are active and start the training early. They are still trainable when mature but it is a little more difficult mainly due to stubborness.

Charles asks…

What are the top 5 largest dog breeds in the world?

I want to know by just overall size what the 5 largest dog breeds in the world.

admin answers:

Great Dane, Labrador, Golden Retrievers,
I’m sorry I don’t know anymore.

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