December 14, 2017

Dog Breeds For Kids

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Robert asks…

What are some good SMALL…er… Dog breeds for kids?

well, not FOR kids but to be around them?
well no pugs becuase theyre gross looking (sorry.. i love all dogs but just dont like being arond pugs) and they have alot of health problems.. so.. to be more detailed….

one that would be good around a VERY small kid (UNDER 2 years old i mean), a breed that doesnt have very many hereditary health problems.. and.. something else but i forgot it.. lol
OH YEAH!!! ones that arent “horny” and arent too dumb..
my husband doesnt like dogs that are.. so.. yeah.. thanks!! :D

i hope you understand what i mean and dont take it the wrong way though
oh one more thing.. Please.. no herding dogs.. Ive been around too many I know theyre smart and theyre just playing or ‘working’ when they do this, but.. Every friend Ive had, that had a collie or other herding dog, has always had theyre kids ‘herded’ by them.. so.. thats kind of dangerous for a very small child.. even if the sweet puppies just playing :D
(sorry im being so picky.. :( )

admin answers:

Because of their natural, genetic “touch insensitivity”, most Sporting dogs are great with kids. This means kids can usually jump on, pull at, tug, wrestle, etc and most of these dogs will wag their tails and not worry one bit about it.
They range in sizes from rather large (like the Golden Retriever and Irish Setter) to medium in size (like Cocker Spaniels, Brittany Spaniels, Springer Spaniels (English and Welsh) and so on). These breeds are very active and need lots of exercise, but are also known for being great with kids. If you want easier maintenance (less grooming), I’d go with the shorter-coated dogs (like Weimaraners, Vizslas, Pointers, etc). As for health issues, I have not heard of many inherent health problems with most Pointers. Most other breeds in this group can be associated with some health issues.
Do a little bit of research first, though … … To make sure that whatever breed you choose is right for you and your family! You can also use that website to help find a reputable, AKC-approved breeder in your area. Good luck!

PS – the “dumb” factor is a matter of finding a reputable breeder (so there are no mental genetic defects) and training him well.
PPS – neutered dogs don’t get very “horny” … But humping is usually not a sexual behavior anyway … It’s a dominance issue, so good training will break a dog of that.

Sandy asks…

Whats a good toy breed dog for kids?

I have two girls, one is 5yrs old & one is 5 months old. I’m looking to get a dog for them for Christmas this year but I’m unsure about what breed. I need a dog thats not very fragile (no chiwawas or yorkis) and not aggressive. I know there are tons of breeds but I dont have any resources of picking a dog.

admin answers:

I have a Havanese, which are excellent with young kids. He truly is! He’s the best dog our family has ever had, and plays tirelessly with kids…. He’s never bitten anyone in his life, greets strangers merrily and puts up with all kinds of rough housing.

We got him when our youngest was less than a year old, our middle child was four and our oldest seven. We were very very protective and careful with him with the kids when he was a tiny puppy, and taught the kids to be gentle with him. He quickly bonded with our one year old and the two are best friends. He rarely leaves his side! (he’s 3 now)

Havaneses don’t shed, are hypo-allergenic, are great with strangers, are smart as can be and are very long lived. The breeder we used gave us a large one, as she said they are just better with kids. They travel well and are small enough to take in the plane cabin with you. The breed is a toy breed normally weighing 7-13 pounds, but the large ones like ours go 18-20 pounds, which is about as small as you’d want to go with young kids.

Havanese are members of the Bichon family, but more sturdy and less aggressive than some of their cousins. They are insane athletes and have been used in the past as circus dogs. Ours jumps into our arms and leaps right onto our kitchen counters!

If you have very young children, I would highly suggest against an adoption as you can’t be sure what kind of temperment you’ll be getting. When the kids are older, sure, save a life, but while they are so young, it’s extremely important to be sure the dog’s inborn temperment is as gentle as possible. My sister adopted the sweetest mutt puppy who turned very nasty later (her other two dogs are fine, so no, it isn’t her), you just don’t want to risk that.

BTW, I found out about the breed using the breed search engine mentioned above!

Chris asks…

What is a good dog breed for kids but can also be a guard dog?

I would need a dog that’s good with kids/babies, is friendly and can ward off intruders. I would like a larger sized dog with medium-short length hair.
Any suggestions?

admin answers:

I would recommend an Akita or German Shepherd. Both love kids, and would protect them with their life. You just have to make sure to socialize both breeds very well, I am pretty sure, an intruder could look at either breed and be scared, even if they don’t do anything. Both are extremely friendly dogs if socialized well enough as a puppy. Akitas have medium/long fluffy hair, but won’t shed as much if you give them a quick brushing every day.

I would also recommend a Great Dane, they are amazing with kids, gentle giants really, and not many people want to mess someone who has a Great Dane. :)

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