December 14, 2017

Dog Breeds Info

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Sharon asks…

Any good resources to find info about dog breeds?

admin answers:

Here are some sites that i recommend that have LOADS of info on each dog breed::::

*Good luck and i hope all these sites help you find what you are looking for! :)

Mandy asks…

4rm which site i can get compltete info abut dog breeds?

admin answers:

I have recently started a site that has information about purebreds . We are adding breed information daily.

James asks…

Dog Breeds?

Does anyone know a breed of a dog that is small and stays small and easy to housebreak… if not than do you know any websites what i can go to that gives a lot of info. over the breed of dog… I need help!! Thanks!

admin answers:

These dogs are great, i have heard very few horror stories about the housebreaking thing, but all in all these little guys are awesome.

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