December 14, 2017

Dog Breeds List

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Lizzie asks…

Can someone please give me a list of dog breeds most likely to bite?

And a list of dog breeds least likely to bite?

Thank you!
I know that its about trainnig not breed. Im not looking for that. All I want is a list of which breeds have the most bite reports.
Im not asking for personal dog reason. My puppy is lovely. Its just pretty much a research question.

admin answers:

Chow Chows are one-person dogs that tend to bite without any warning. They are also a bit ferocious around strangers, and can be quite a tenacious fighter. So make sure to discipline this dog and set right from wrong, immediately.
The Papillon is fiercely loyal of their owners – to a fault. They can be quite possessive and standoffish to strangers.
Old English Sheepdogs are very protective of their owners so they might be aggressive if anybody tends to be too close to its owners.
A Llasa Apso often gets cranky around kids.
Rottweilers are extremely protective of their masters.
Chihuahuas aren’t too fond of kids. They’d rather be with adults than play around with tots.
Toy Poodles bite people and other animals out of self defense. Unfortunately, ‘playing’ according to you may be perceived as a form of ‘attack’ to them.
Dachshunds aren’t known for their patience.
Jack Russell Terriers are feisty creatures who require early training to prevent long-term biting and digging problems.
Giant Schnauzers are very dominant. They often challenge adults, particularly strangers.
Cocker Spaniels often suffer from a dangerous genetic disease known as “rage syndrome.” This syndrome causes spontaneous violent action against not strangers, but actual family members. Many Spaniels have been put down because of this unwanted behavior. Check with the breeder to ensure your Spaniel is free from this dangerous dog disease.
The Pekingese isn’t all that tolerant of strangers.
Miniature Pinschers usually have aggression issues because they’ve got this “big dog-little body” mind set going on.
Here’s a rundown of breeds that are typically gentle but can’t shake off their “bad dog” image.

Boxers are pretty good with kids. They are good watchdogs, but will only become aggressive
Bulldogs are very playful and gentle.
Great Danes, while considerable in size, happen to be kind and affectionate.
Mastiffs are especially quiet and docile.
German Shepherds are great with kids too. These are courageous, fiercely loyal dogs who, if trained properly, will be extremely gentle to family and guests.
Rottweilers are also capable of tenderness and affection. They have a bad rep, but if they trust you, you’ll never have to worry.

Charles asks…

I need a list of dog breeds and basic descriptions.?

I’m just looking for a link to a big list of dog breeds and basic descriptions. i.e. The —– is not a good family dog, however is a good hunting companion. Their temperment is best described as yadda yada. Can anyone help me?

admin answers:

Here is a wonderful, very reader-friendly site:

Carol asks…

List of dog breeds insurance wont cover?

Most rentals have a list of dog breeds you cant have because insurance wont cover certain breeds that are bite prone. Anyone know how I can find this list?

admin answers:

Are you looking for a list of dog breeds that insurance companies won’t cover for liability insurance, or a list of dog breeds that rental companies won’t allow you to have on their property (their reason being insurance or otherwise)?

I’m asking because those are two very different things.

When it comes to rental companies, they each have their own policies regarding breeds they do and do not allow. Some companies have no breed restrictions. The ones that do have breed restrictions on their properties also vary greatly.

The property where I live right now, for example, does not allow Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers and Dobermanns, but *does* allow German Shepherds and any other kind of dog, with no weight / size restriction. The same company’s property in Florida does not allow German Shepherds.

If you’re worried about a rental company accepting or not accepting your dog, look at the website for the property you’re thinking of renting at, or call them and ask for a list of banned breeds.

Insurance companies’ policies also vary widely. They vary by company and often also by location. Some companies that will insure my German Shepherd in Virginia will not insure her in some of the other states.

A lot of the time, you’re well off with a local insurance agent. State Farm, for example. Our local State Farm agent will insure any breed of dog under your rental or homeowners policy, as long as he gets to meet the dog and the dog does not appear aggressive during that meeting (and has no bite record, obviously).

Call your renters or homeowners insurance and ask about their policy regarding the breed of dog you have, and they will be able to tell you whether they will insure the dog and for how much.

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