December 13, 2017

Dog Breeds List

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Laura asks…

Is your favorite dog breed on this list of banned breeds?

If it is, this is a reason to maybe keep track of the laws that are being passed in our communites.—75-b.html

Sadly at least two of my favorite breeds are listed.

admin answers:

The two breeds I grew up with as a small *child* are on there, Chow Chows and Samoyeds. How did I ever make it through that alive?!?


Sharon asks…

Can anyone give me a list of dog breeds that are light brown , middle sized and short haired?

i saw this beautiful dog the other day, i would say that its body structure was very similar to a boxer’s , please give me a list of dog breeds that look like that , thanks

admin answers:

It was probably a poorly bred pit bull type breed.

Just google “fawn bully mix”.

Donna asks…

where can i find the OFFICIAL ‘dangerous dog breeds’ list?

oops, sorry! I’m in England, but any would be useful ^_^
I don’t believe in it as it’s based more on breed popularity and ownership than anything – plus media most likely – but it’d be interesting to look at it :)

admin answers:

This was the original.
More dogs have been added to it – Fila Brasileiro and the Dogo Angentino.
Also includes any TYPES of these dogs, so it also means any dogs that have been crossed with them.

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