December 14, 2017

Dog Breeds Pictures

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Ruth asks…

Where can I see a list of small dog breeds with pictures?

Can you post a link, If you have a favorite small dog breed what is it and why? Thanks

admin answers:

Try AKC. Just google for it.
You can also visit this site for pictures:

Lizzie asks…

i need a list of list of all the dog breeds in the United States, with pictures included1?!?

I am getting a dog and i really want to adopt really badly!! so i have my heart set on a yorkshire terrier and/or a pomeranian or a maltese. anything small. so can someone leave me a link to a list of all the dog breeds WITH PICTURES!? well thanks.

admin answers:

The AKC site has breed standards=complete & correct information= for ALL REAL/RECOGNIZED breeds…

“nextdaypets” is a PUPPYMILLER’S ON-LINE WAREHOUSE,you spamming twit!!!!

“dogbreedinfo”is a lying coloring-book -for-morons site!!!

Jenny asks…


Is there a site where all possible dog breeds are displayed as PHOTOGRAPHS with the name of the breed next to it ? I have a picture of a dog in my head, but I have no idea what the breed of that one would be… I’m planning to adopt one..
Ok, the dog I have in my head is bigger than an average sized one. Not the biggest possible, but quite. Quite long nose. Medium long hair, not like the Lassie dog has. I would say quite short actually. hmm, what else?
Lot of you give me the sites of the names only. I would need to click each separately and just then view the pic, it would take ages, that’s why I asked the question if you know an easier way to see and know the breed simultaneously.

admin answers:


They give you pics and TONS of info!

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