December 16, 2017

Dog Breeds Pictures

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Charles asks…

Need online dog breed pictures to identify stray puppy?

A puppy wandered into my library yesterday, and while I’m trying to find a home for her, I’m also trying to figure out which breed she is. I’m guessing some sort of hound (she’s got a tan head and feet, a black back and tail, and a white spot on her chest and chin). Does anyone know of an online resource where I could browse pictures to see if any look like her? I wish my library had a dog breed book, but we don’t.

admin answers:

My first thought was beagle, but every dog that is brown, black and white would bring to mind a beagle for me.

I suggest having someone take a look at her and giving a guess so you have somewhere to start. There are hundreds of breeds, and would be hard to know where to start. has an alphabetical breed list, but these are just purebreds, and the “designer dogs” so it might be hard to decipher, but you can try anyways.

Mark asks…

does anyone know a site with a list of dog breeds next to their pictures?

i just started dog walking, and i wanna expand my knowledge on dogs. I’ve had 2 dogs so I’m good with them, but i just wanna look really pro.

I don’t wanna keep clicking on names of dogs to see their pictures, it’ll be easier if the names are next to the pics.

and does anyone have useful tips that most people overlook?

admin answers:

Dog breeds A-Z:
Info on them to.

Robert asks…

Is there a list somewhere online of ALL the dog breeds in the world with pictures?

I want to get a picture of a dog as my avatar but I can’t decide…maybe a Saluki?

admin answers:

Should list all of them with pictures!

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