December 14, 2017

Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

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Joseph asks…

What are some dog breeds that don’t shed so much where there’s fur all over the furniture and clothes?

I want a dog that doesn’t shed so much (I don’t want fur on the furniture and clothes).

admin answers:

There is actually a really big selection of low-shedding dogs. It just depends on if you want a big or small dog.

Here are just a few large low-shedding dogs:

Great Dane

And some small low-shedding dogs:

Jack Russell Terrier
Chihuahua (short haired)
Dachshund (Weiner Dog)
and pretty much any kind of short haired Terrier.. Terriers really don’t shed much.

Pretty much any kind of short haired dog would do.. Short haired dogs don’t shed much at all.

I hope this helped! :)

James asks…

what dog breeds don’t shed?

I have a poodle mix and i have been told that poodles are hypo-allergenic. but what other types of dogs don’t shed. I have really bad allergies and I love dogs which is why i would like to know if there are other hypo-allergenic breeds

admin answers:


Ken asks…

what are some good breeds of dog that don’t shed too much?

I looking into getting another dog, but my last dog practically tortured my dad cause she shed so much. Now I know the labradoodle supposedly sheds less dander (though I don’t like them too much) so are there any other breeds that don’t shed that much fur/dander?

admin answers:


that lists them all.
You can click to get more info about each one as well.

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