December 14, 2017

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Steven asks…

What is the difference between chippiparai and Kanni dog breeds ?

The chippiparai and Kanni are south indian dog breed, I would like to know more about these breed, It seems both are same breed.


admin answers:


The Chippiparai is a sight hound breed of dog from the south of India. It is used primarily for hunting wild boar, deer and hare. It is said to be an excellent hunter, and is also used for guarding the home. The typical color is a silver-grey, with very limited or no white markings. Other colors, particularly variations of grey and fawn, also occur. This is a handsome dog, tall (27-32 inches at the withers) and powerful. It has a short coat that is very close; on the whole the coat if kept groomed has a shine on it. A shining, shell-like appearance is greatly desired. This kind of coat makes it ideal for hot climates. This hound is also less prone to ticks and fleas, with their short coat providing easy detection. The overall appearance is very similar to that of the Sloughi, or the Rampur Hound.


The Kanni, which means maiden, is a rare indigenous South Indian dog breed found in the state of Tamil Nadu. The breed is a further extension of the Caravan or Mudhol Hound, and is also a descendant of the Saluki. However, the Kanni does not possess the grand features of these breeds. It is used mainly for hunting. General appearance, the Kanni is similar to a smooth-coated Saluki or a Doberman Pinscher with natural ears and tail. The dog is usually black and tan in colour, perhaps with limited white on the feet and chest. There also exists a cream-coloured variety of the breed, which is known as “Paalakanni”. The Kanni is agile, slim, graceful, and moderately built, with a deep chest and slim body. The dog generally stands about 25 inches at the withers, the bitch about 22 inches, though some specimens have been known to reach 32 inches.

Mary asks…

Which one of these “recent” dog breeds you think looks the best like a wolf?

All of these breeds are an attempt to return a domestic dog breed to phenotypically resemble the wolf.

They strongly resembles a wolf but in fact have no wolf content at all and they are probably the closest you will come to the “look” of the wolf in a breed without wolf content.

A) Northern Inuit (Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd ancestry)

B) Utonagan (This breed is a spin off of the Northern Inuit and so they share the same ancestry)

C) Tamaskan dog (Northern Inuit, Utonagan and other breeds ancestry)

If you have one of these breeds, please leave a comment of why you chose it instead of the other two, or which one you think resembles a wolf the best.

All of them look really wolf-like to me, but I don’t know wich one to get for myself.
If you know nothing about these breeds at all, I suggest you to check the wiki-links above.
Oh! and if you happen to know of any other dog breed that resembles a wolf, but has no wolf content at all, please let me know!!!

And sorry if I made any grammar mistake or something like that, but I am not very good at English.
blueeyd_princess: You can check out pictures of the Utonagan and the other breeds, following the links at the bottom of the pages of the wikipedia articles, in the “External links” sections of each dog breed article, they are the links to their respective associations around the world.

Jalal S: Thanks for your advice, but I don’t want any wolf-dog hybrid, what I want is a dog with no wolf genes, but wolf-like appearance

admin answers:

That Tamaskan dog really looks like a wolf.

In my opinion, meaning this is not scientific, I have always found the most distinguishing physical difference between a wolf and a dog that looks like a wolf (i.e. Syberian Husky), being the the eyes (Wolf Eyes: vs. Syberian Husky Eyes: ). The shape and distance are slightly different. But that Tamaskan dog looks really close.

If you are thinking of getting a wolf hybrid dog, I would consider reading this interesting article .

Robert asks…

What extinct dog breed(s) would you wish to own?

What extinct dog breeds would you have liked to own?
I would like to own a Paisley Terrier..Or St. John’s Water Dog,Cumberland Sheepdog or Tweed Water Spaniel..

Aw,why do such nice breeds become extinct..
I wonder if people can back breed those breeds..

admin answers:

The Hare Indian Dog looks very interesting to me, if they were still around I may want to own one. People have recreated extinct dog breeds in the past. The dogs aren’t the same, but they do look the very similar. The Olde English Bulldogge is a re-creatation of what bulldogs were meant to look like before they evolved into the no longer functional Bulldog of today.

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