December 13, 2017

Dog Care??

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is it expensive to have a dog like a beagle? i ask my mom to get a dog but she says its expensive i dont know if thats rue so is it?…

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  1. Jenny says:

    Any dog is expensive. Unlike people, the insurance you can get for pets is CRAP.
    You have to worry about the initial visit, shots, and tests. Then there is the spay/neuter. Then you have the monthly maintainence of food, flea medicine, heart worm medicine, and wormer. Don’t forget the toys, dog house/kennel, as well as other accessories.
    Then you have your time that you invest in training (which also costs money), and taking the dog for walks, etc.
    On average, for my 2 dogs and 1 cat I spend about $250 every other month on food, medication, and toys. then there are the vet bills, which my last one was $600 for a skin infection on a dog that I adopted who came to me infested with fleas and sick.
    Your mom is right, they are expensive. People don’t realize this when they are looking at the short term.

  2. crazychi says:

    very true
    you can spend thousands on them a year
    i mean one big bag of food is like 30 dollars
    vet bills are 100 dollars each time
    i would reccomend a hampster, gerbal or something less expensive but stil require a LOT of work!! good luck!!

  3. cashew says:

    i have a beagle, in my opinon its a cheaper dog, she really never gets sick, will eat almost any dog food, and never has fleas or ticks. beagles are great dogs, just never forget to get those yearly shots, thats a must and a few toys beagles love them. also be careful cause they love mischief

  4. misstrac says:

    Any dog, or pet for that matter, is ‘expensive’ when you think about their health care costs! Vets are increasingly raising their fee’s because they’ve cottoned on to the notion that we actually do love our pets and want the best for them! Then you have to consider their food and their treats, their collars and leads, the micro-chipping, the nail clipping and coat trimming ( the last two you can do yourself if you know how but never attempt it if you’re not confident! ). You also have to consider their kennel fee’s when you go away on holiday? It is costly to have a pet but to be honest with you, once you’ve got a pup and fall in love with him/her, you’ll find the money should they fall ill! Show your mum the answers you get and she may relent but if she doesn’t then please don’t give her a hard time over it. You’re growing up and will soon be interested in girls and going out and so i suspect your mum is thinking that once the initial novelty of having a puppy wears off she’ll be left to do the walking and playing! I personally think that all kids should have a dog at home, it teaches them respect for animals, and teaches them about caring and loss when they pass away but i’m not your mum so you’ll have to have a good chat with your mum about it. I hope she lets you get one and if she does, look after your dog and don’t leave it all to mum. Good luck.

  5. xmillerp says:

    Yes, dogs can be expensive even if they’re always healthy. On average you can expect to pay over $1,000 the first year of your puppies life and maybe less as they get older. Once they become senior dogs you can expect to start paying more if your dog needs medication for pain, or needs surgery. So yes, dogs are expensive.. regardless of the breed. - Dogs