December 13, 2017

Dog Grooming Tips

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Dog grooming is an important time for both you and your dog – you should both enjoy the experience, you have a chance to increase the bond between you and it is a necessary part of maintaining the good health of your faithful companion. Pets need their human to care for them and they enjoy spending time with you.

The breed of your dog and the type of coat he has will determine how often he needs brushing and bathing. A short haired dog needs brushing twice a week to remove loose hair; a longer haired dog will need daily brushing to prevent matting of the coat. Grooming is a good time to check for any irregularities in the skin or the dog’s condition, and if you find any problems contact your vet. Finding and treating symptoms early can be important.

When brushing you dog, always brush the same direction as the coat grows. Use proper grooming tools that are suited to the type of coat your dog has. If there are tangles, work from the edge of the tangle to gradually free the hair. Be careful on the tummy because dogs are very sensitive there and also on their ears. Frequent brushing keeps your dog looking shiny and healthy and you will proud to take him out for walks.

Some long haired dogs with a heavy undercoat will need to be combed after brushing, to remove dead fur which will matt if not kept under control. Water dogs, some gun dogs and dogs bred for cold climates are in this category. Use a comb in the same manner as a brush and make sure you have the correct tool for the job. Be gentle as combs can pull the skin.

Nail clipping is another important part of dog grooming. Nails that grow too long can cause foot problems. It can be a stressful activity for some dogs so it is helpful to start when your dog is still a puppy. Clip the nails often with dog nail clippers and take only the tip off each time to avoid injury.

Dogs have no way of keeping clean and so need a regular bath. Use warm water and a dog shampoo for bathing and make sure you have brushed him before the bath, as tangles are made worse by water. It is important to dry him well, especially around the chest and tummy, and taking him for a brisk walk is a great way to dry him off and reward him for his good behaviour during his bath. Bath time is a good time to clean the dog’s ears – use a cotton tip dipped in alcohol and clean around the parts of the ear that you can see. Never push into the ear canal.

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