December 14, 2017

Dog Life Jackets – Which Are Best?

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If your dog is around the water often, either on your boat, your beach or lake house or your backyard pool, then investing in some dog life jackets can be a smart idea. Sure, Fido can swim, but what if something happens while he is swimming or he falls off your boat? Just like people, dogs should be protected and a dog life vest is a great way to do it!

Life jackets for dogs are different than those for people. Although they do basically the same job of keeping one afloat, they work so that they can help the dog remain in the “doggy paddle” position. They also have a convenient handle on the back so you can pull your dog up and out of the water. How cool is that?

Here’s some dog life jackets for you to consider this season:

Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket – MEDIUM

This dog life vest is comfortable and durable using materials that meet stringent safety spectifications. It will help keep your dog afloat as well as provide warmth and protection from abrasions. I like the bright orange color because it insures your dog will be visible to other boaters when he is in the water. Customers really liked this one (especially the price!) with one complaint being that it was a little stiff.

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Doggy Life Jacket Pink Polka Dots X-Small

Dog life jackets come in all colors and sizes and this one by Paws Aboard is perfect for the pampered pooch who likes to always look stylish. Not only does it look good, but it also has high buoyancy and visibility. All Paws aboard doggy life jackets have a mesh underside for proper draining and comfort as well as reflective strips, a top handle, adjustable straps and quick release buckles.

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Large Yellow Dog Aquatic Life Jacket

These dog life jackets are designed for high visibility and super floatation. They come with tear resistant fabrics and quick lock clips as well as reflective strips, a leash attachment and a quick pickup handle.

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IMPORTANT: When buying a dog life vest, be sure that you buy one that is the right size for your dog! Check the measurement specifications for each product to be sure.

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