December 16, 2017

Dog Training Books

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Richard asks…

Can any one tell me of any dog training books?

Can any one tell me of any dog training books

admin answers:

The dog listener by jan fennell is great and she has done quite a few books on training and understanding dogs. If you want to do more than just basic traning and go that step further then i think expert obedience training for dogs by winifred strickland is also great. You can go onto amazon and buy them for much less than in the shops plus lots of pet shops only sell books for training like sit, stay etc.

Carol asks…

I need help finding good dog training books or web sites?


i just got me two puppies! I have plenty of time to spend with these pups and i want to train the hell out them! haha I was wondering if you could help me out a bit and share with me helpful books or dvds or web sites or sources that have great results and work!


admin answers:

If you want to seriously get into training, I recommend Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels program- she has a free e-book on her site, and there is also a yahoo group devoted to this. This will help you break behavior down into small pieces to help your pups be successful.

Below are some youtube videos to get you started on clicker training.

I also encourage you to browse through the website and join the list group.

Sandy asks…

Free dog training books or video downloads?

I’m looking for a good free download either book or video for dog training. Does any one know where I can find one

admin answers:

There are tons on this page on dog training


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