December 14, 2017

Dog Training Clicker

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Mary asks…

do dogs like or dislike the sound of the dog training clicker?

i bought a dog training clicker for my grandma, thinking that is might resolve the problem of her two yorkies fighting…. do you think it will work?

admin answers:

It depends on how you train the dog. Some people use the sound as a reward when the dog is behaving or does a trick right. Others, like me, use it as a naughty sound. When the dog does something bad, scold him/her and click the clicker loudly 3 or 4 times. Works both ways very well.

Daniel asks…

Where can I find a lanyard for my dog training clicker?

I bought a dog training clicker today and noticed that there is no lanyard (wrist strap). I was wondering if any other Yahoo Answers users could tell me where I might find one that would be for a StartMark brand clicker

No smart alick answers please.

admin answers:

You can pick those up in like a teacher’s store. You might find them in an office supply store also. Glad that you are doing clicker with your dog. I will be going to the Clicker Expo in January for a 3 day weekend. Very excited to go to it.

I have one of those clickers. I refer the “I click”, it has a softer click. I wanted to use clicker with my client, and they said no way. Someone at the vet was doing that to their dog and it was making them nuts with all of the clicks.

Carol asks…

Where can I get Dog training Clicker in India?

I couldn’t able to get dog training clicker in my place. I tried to buy the indian tin toy clicker. Now it is not available. I tried to use pen. It is also not good.

1) Where can I get the clicker in Chennai / India?
2) How to make home made clicker?
3) Any alternative idea?

admin answers:

It’s really not the clicker that provides the magic, but the training principles and method.

Any short, distinct sound should work the same as the clicker.
Dog trainers usually use clickers, whale / dolphin trainers use a whistle and goldfish trainers often use a flashing pen light or a training wand.
(yes goldfish can be trained! See a video here:

Studies have shown that a real clicker works better than using your voice. However, if you can’t find a clicker, pick a sharp, distinct sounding word and say it in a tone different from how you usually talk to the dog. (“yes!” is commonly used).
Here’s a good article on why using a clicker can be better than using your voice:

You can also make a clicking sound by pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth — this is what I usually do with my horses.

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