December 14, 2017

Dog Training Clicker

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Donald asks…

can I train my one year old dog clicker training?

Hi! I have always wanted to teach my dog with a clicker but didn’t start when I got him. He knows alot of tricks now but I’d like to switch him over to clicker training. Could someone really explain the concept to me, and tell me how and why it’s done? Or give me a resource to get the info! It looks like a great way to train. we are getting another puppy in a month and want to start her on it as well.

admin answers: is the best place for information. I’m assuming you want to shape behaviors. It is so much fun, I swear you can actually *watch* the dog think!

The first thing you have to do is to “load” the clicker (meaning, teach your dog that a click means a treat)-once your dog knows that the click means, then you decide before you ever start what you want to train. (I would only train 1 behavior at a time.) Let’s say you want to teach your dog to touch a target. You put the target on the floor at a set spot. You stand with the clicker in one hand, and a handful of treats in the other. You will wait for the dog to make any kind of move in that direction. So, let’s say that your dog turns to look towards the target, you click and treat. As your dog knows that the turn gets the click, you up the criteria, so the dog moves closer to it, maybe getting up. The dog will quickly learn that he is controlling the click, and will start to offer more behaviors.

Visit the website for more information- it’s really a great site, and clicker training (when done right) is a BLAST!

Good Luck – AP

Donna asks…

What are good dog clicker training videos on youtube?

I want to clicker train my one year old overly active dog.

admin answers:

Not exactly sure what you are looking for, you really should go with an in person trainer to get you timing down, and show you the pit falls. It does sound like you need to redirect that energy into a game like freestyle.

Clicker instruction:


Non-clicker video teaching a dog how to be calmer

Clicker Results:

Sandy asks…

dog training methods clicker training or more classic methods?

i am planning n training my dog, and i heard that positive dog training (or clicker training) is better than other methods. is that true?

admin answers:

I absolutely credit clicker training for fast results and a happy dog. Definitely something you should do. I also think that if the dog does something wrong, it really needs to know that to and that’s where a correction needs to come in. Clicker is great for teaching behaviors and creating conditioned responses. So the click marks the behaviour as good and the dog is rewarded, initially through food, but also play or petting. As dogs learn by association, this means that to obey that command is a Good thing in the dogs eyes, eventually you phase the rewards down and so the dog has to work harder/perform for longer to earn that click/reward. You can also then teach a correction marker, so if the dog knows whats expected but does not do it, you say ‘no’ and stop the training – no rewards, no clicker, ignore the dog for 5 Min’s. Then start again later. BUT whenever the dog needs a correction, say when walking, the dog pulls so you give a choke chain a little tug, as you tug you say no. Eventually that word ‘no’ is associated with stopping what they are about to do as its more rewarding to keep playing with you than chase the cat, or walk next to you than pull……

I recommend you read some Karen Pryor books on clicker training, they are very easy to read etc and explain the importance of the reward with drawl which I think is what many people who say clicker does not work, have not done. You do not simply ignore bad behaviour and reward good and these books will explain how to do this. Clicker is very easy and so is correcting the dog and teaching reward with drawl as a correction but getting it right is the key. Good luck and enjoy the clicker training, its a great method with great results and a very kind way of training.

ADD; clicker is no fad, its been around since the 60′s it’s only been the last 10 years that it seems to have taken the dog world by storm. 10 years is still no fad in my eyes.

The main thing is to train how you feel comfortable and stay consistent – reward good, correct bad/unwanted.

For example; you are teaching recall, the dog is doing great and is being clicked/rewarded a lot, but then he tries to run off, he is on a long line though and he reaches the end and feels quite a tug on his neck. That running away was not worth it as it ended in a correction (got jerked at the end of that line), versus being with you and getting praise and treats. That is a very strong marker to the dog – the listening to you was great and the short lived run did not end great. So if this is what consistlently happens eventually you will take the dog out and he will not want to run off.

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