December 14, 2017

Dog Training Collars

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Sandy asks…

Can you tell me some positive experiences you have had with electronic dog training collars?

I know many people don’t like the idea of using electronic shock training collars. But I also know most people don’t know how to train their dogs properly which results in dogs biting people, running away and getting hit by cars. Tell me some positive stories.

admin answers:

In 43 years of owning, training, breeding and showing dogs, I have used an electric collar once.

We live on 180 acres, but do have a country road on 2 sides of the property. Our dogs are kept in our fenced yard unless we are working, playing or walking them.

My one dog was about 3 years old. Trained for agility and competing..basic “companion obedience”. He would come when called, would “heel” or “side” when told, when released, would trot ahead of me 50 feet or so, stopping and checking periodically to make sure I was still coming. If I turned and walked the other direction, he would turn too, run to me. He would “wait up” when told, and “down” at a distance when told.

In other words: he was HIGHLY trained. I had put a LOT of time into him. And he KNEW what was allowed, and to “obey”

Well, one day, at around 3 years old, as I said, he and my daughter’s dog kicked up a jack rabbit…and off they went. To the end of our property into the neighboring orchard…they would not call off. To me, this is absolutely NOT ALLOWED! Because it is dangerous. The rabbit could have run a different direction across the road….

So, I borrowed a friend’s E-collar.

Only because I KNEW my dog KNEW what “Micah, come” meant.

Took a week of walking daily until we kicked up another rabbit. Off he went. I called, in my normal happy voice “Micah, come!”…no response. Gave him another chance, “Micah! COME” louder. No response. Hit the button, he stopped and jumped. Again, I said “Micah! Come” still in a happy voice. He came, I told him him “Good Boy”.

End of story. Never used it again.

But…..remember, I only used it because I KNEW he KNEW what “come” meant. He was simply too caught up in the chase and chose to ignore me. And by ignoring me, he could have gotten killed.

Micah is gone now. I lost him to cancer in old age. Dear, sweet, fun buddy boy.

I have a 3 year old BC now…..who I have also invested a lot of training in and continues the tradition of our walks. So far, she has called off groound squirrels immediately.

I would never use an e-collar for “training”. I do not feel it is right, nor fair to shock a dog if the trainer hasn’t already taught the dog “what to do”….If I didn’t think I could control my dog off leash, I would not allow my dog off leash, as I had not done my job.

John asks…

What is the difference between Dog Training Collars & Dog Tracking Collars?

Looking for difference between dog training and Dog tracking collars…..

admin answers:

A dog Training collar is used to assist in teaching your dog certain behaviors. Choke chains, head collars, shock collars, and grip collars are all used to modify your dog’s behavior (either positively or negatively) or gain control over a particularly stubborn, strong, or possibly dangerous dog.

A Tracking collar helps locate your dog in the event it gets lost, and some even consider reflective collars tracking collars, as they help locate and identify your dog, whether you’re just out walking at night, hunting, or he gets lost amid a group of dogs that look similar. :)

Hope this clears things up!!

Mark asks…

Are dog training (shock) collars safe and do they work?

I am considering using a training collar to teach my dog boundaries. I need to be able to keep her off leash, but she runs off if I let her off the leash. A fence, even an invisible fence, is out of the question as its not my house. I’ve tried teaching her boundaries for the last 5 months but it is not working well. She won’t respond to “come” unless she’s in the mood. I want to use a shock collar but I worry it may be inhumane. Are they effective and are they safe to use?

admin answers:

First off shock collars are not inhumane. Yes they are safe to use.
They do not give a strong shock. Yes I tried it on my own arm before ever putting it on the dog.
Properly used as a training tool they work very well for certain things. You need to read all the information that comes with the collar and learn how to use it.
Then you need to set up visable boundries for your dog. Your dog must have some sort of visable thing to see to learn where the boundries are. Like flags.

If your dog does not respong to the come commad or only does so at her pleasure you need to go back and do some basic obedience work with your pet. You need to have the basics down and if your dog does not come you do not have those down yet.

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