December 13, 2017

Dog Training Schools

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Sharon asks…

what dog training schools are any good?

I’ve been looking in to dog training schools, as I want to become a profesional dog trainer. I’ve looked at a number of websites for schools, but their promises seem fairly iffy…

I was wondering if any trainers or employers out there can recomend a good dog training school? Preferably residential.

admin answers:

Instead of looking at the training schools without knowing if they’re any good, look for kennels or experienced animal trainers to ask them which schools THEY think are the best.

Thomas asks…

where can i find dog training schools in michigan?

my 4 month old dog chews on things, pees in the house, poops in the house, BITES PEOPLE, shes just plain horrible. where are the schools?

admin answers:

Most PETSMARTs have obedience classes in their stores.

Ken asks…

Does anyone know of any good Dog training schools in NY?

I’m interested in becoming a dog trainer and have searched in many places (, etc…) and couldn’t find much for dog training schools, except for obedience courses for my dog, but that’s not what I want.

Thanks a lot!

admin answers:

Here’s a group to check into to learn how to become a dog trainer. You might want to find some of their local members and see where they have trained:

Here’s a place that tests:

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