December 14, 2017

Dog Training Schools

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Thomas asks…

Does anyone know of any dog training schools in Birmingham?

I live in harbourn and I would like to take my one year old bull terrier pup to classes.
I have looked on the internet, and haven’t found any close enough to me, I cant travel far as i dont have a car.

admin answers:

As I don’t stay in Birmingham, I don;t know of any.
But I have gone to the trouble (Ha Ha!) of checking it out on google & the link below willl give you a few to try.

Betty asks…

Does anyone know of any good Dog training schools?

Any area is okay, as I’m willing to travel. I DO NOT WANT LINKS TO THE ABC, I am not an online class person, and I feel that that is a lazy way out. Also, you can only learn so much online, without hands on work.

Any one know of any? Any suggestions?
DogAddict, please let me know what you think of the Triple Crown Dog Training Academy in Houston, TX. I’ve been looking heavily at that one.

admin answers:

Amy, I would really just suggest you find yourself a good mentor. Some of the schools, even when the come highly recommended, aren’t worth anything. I’ve met several people that have spent a good bit of money on training schools, and they could’ve learned so much more in their own backyard. Certifications in dog training mean nothing. Once you’ve mastered your craft, you get endorsed. That would be my suggestion. Good luck.

Joseph asks…

Any good dog training schools?

I want to get into a school to learn how to train dogs for a living but I am having trouble finding any info.

Can you help?

admin answers:

If you’re talking about colleges, i don;t think that any have a program for dog training.

If you are more just talking about a training place, just find a local dog academy, or school. Where they teach classes meant ffor just to train your dog but not professionally. They probably will offer some sort of training for new trainers.

If you are talking about college though, because i don’;t think there are any, you should just go to college and learn about something else that interests you. Just for the experience. And then you can train dogs.
~i hope this helps

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